How Does Personalized Video Pricing Work?

Personalized video marketing is becoming popular. For many organizations, it is the way to engage with saturated audiences. Let’s remember those target audiences are constantly bombarded with marketing messages. Hence, marketers need to find creative ways to engage with them. This is why it is important to understand personalized video pricing.

These organizations use this type of video content as part of customer experience, sales, and marketing automation initiatives. Because of this, advertising agencies and brands often ask how much it costs to make personalized videos automatically.

There are many factors that have an impact on the price of making personalized videos at scale. On average, the cost per personalized video is between 0,03 USD and 0,99 USD depending on the characteristics required by the client. This doesn’t include Professional Services, which with SaaS platforms like Pirsonal are optional.

Choosing personalized video software doesn’t always come down to the price. A few factors go into the pricing of personalized videos:

  1. Average video length of the personalized videos.
  2. Number of videos at scale.
  3. Video resolution (480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k, and more).
  4. Access to the video platform or software.
  5. Number of automated videos you need to render simultaneously.
  6. Duration of the contract.
  7. Video hosting and storage
  8. Security requirements.
  9. Professional and agency services
  10. Video interactivity, analytics, and dynamic landing pages

Let me explain the main characteristics and features companies need to take into consideration when they need to find video personalization software and alternatives. This will help you understand personalized video pricing based on your requirements.

How Much Does it Cost to Make Personalized Videos at Scale? Factors

#1 Average Video Length for Personalized Videos Pricing

One of those factors is video length or duration. The longer the videos, the more processing power the servers need. In the end, this adds to the cost.

When creating personalized video messages, make sure to keep them short and to the point. Stick to valuable information that will help the viewer react.

For that reason, I generally recommend personalized videos that are 45-90 seconds long if you have a lot of information to share. And 10-30 seconds for general 1:1 engagement and social media campaigns with personalization in the videos.

To some extent, it doesn’t matter what video software you use. Individual viewers need to engage with the video content. A way to do this is through marketing personalization, contextualization, and individualization techniques.

Then, apply them when scripting videos with personalization. When the video script and its structure are based on augmented buyer personas, this is even easier. Watch the following video to learn more about this:

Also, be sure to create videos for specific purposes – whether that be to educate, increase customer engagement with interactivity, or sell.

When you create targeted videos, you are more likely to speak to your customer’s heart, brain and pocket. But we all have an attention span. This viewer’s attention span impacts the click-through rate of the video calls-to-action (CTA).

Use personalized calls to action buttons in your videos across the timeline. Thus, you’ll increase video conversions considerably.

#2 Number Of Videos At Scale

Another key factor that will help you calculate the rates to create personalized video messages is the number of videos you need to create at scale. Vendors often calculate this per month, campaign, or year.

Some video personalization software focus only on big volumes. Other vendors, however, have a more flexible approach. In the same way, some will limit the maximum video duration. Consequently, in some cases, they will present a video count cap during a period of time. Which approach is right for you depends on your specific needs and goals.

The following table shows a pricing structure to make personalized videos. It is based on Pirsonal’s standard packages. It takes into account three main variables: the number of videos per month, the average duration of these videos, and their resolution.

Number of Videos per Month Video Duration Video Resolution Cycle  Cost
1000 60 seconds 480p Month 149 USD
2500 60 seconds 480p Month 359 USD
6000 60 seconds 480p Month 649 USD
12000 60 seconds 480p Year 1524 USD
30000 60 seconds 480p Year 3612 USD
50000 60 seconds 480p Year 6396 USD

With video personalization tools like Pirsonal, you can also create custom plans. Also, you can try the video software for free

#3 Video Resolution

Video resolution is an important aspect of video quality and personalized video pricing. It determines the amount of detail in your personal videos. Therefore, how realistic and clear the video appears. It’s measured by the number of pixels contained in the videos. Pixel count is the amount of dots that make up the image.

The average video resolution video marketers use is the following:

  • Standard: 480p.
  • High: 720p.
  • Full resolution: 1080p.

The reason why video resolution is a significant factor in the cost of personalized videos has to do with the amount of power computers need to process the videos. The higher the resolution, the more processing power.

Generally, some companies will use either 360p or 480p as a base measure for their video pricing calculator. Then, they’ll apply an x2 multiple to 720p videos. Hence, they’ll apply x3 or x4 multiple to 1080p videos.

What video resolution do we recommend for personalized videos?

  • 480p if the videos are for one-to-one marketing. Also, when your general audience doesn’t have good internet speed. If the video is going to be played in an email, either this resolution or 360p is OK.
  • 720p if you prefer high-resolution videos and your audience has decent internet speed.
  • 1080p for social media messages and personalized video ads. Also, use this resolution for 1:1 videos for high-end products or brands when the videos are displayed through landing pages.
  • 4K for TV commercials.

#4 Access to the Video Platform or Software

There are a few personalized video software companies that charge their users for access to their platforms. For instance, in some cases, this can be around 6000 USD per year. This can be frustrating for people who are looking to make small batches of videos. Also, for startups that want to make personal videos.

Why? Simply put, if they pay for platform access, they may not have the extra money to spend on a subscription.

Video Editing Software To Create Personalized Video Templates

Luckily, there are a few platforms that offer free trials. Similarly, there are platforms with a subscription-based business model. This is convenient as it allows any organization to start with personalized video marketing and scale as they need.

#5 Simultaneously Video Rendering

The more videos you need to process simultaneously, the more the price increases. In many cases, personalized video peak pricing is determined by the number of videos that are processed at the same time.

If there are only a few videos that need to be processed, then the price is lower. If there are a lot of videos that need to be rendered, then the price is higher. The number of videos that are processed also determines how quickly the processing is done.

With some video systems, videos will be processed little by little. Some video personalization programs offer dedicated rendering servers. This speeds up video creation.

In the majority of cases, brands don’t need extra processing power. For instance, big volume campaigns with a tight delivery date need to concentrate the renders in hours or days with non-stop processing. In contrast, marketing automation workflows with video low-volume campaigns will be OK with the standard speed.

On average, with cloud software like Pirsonal, a personalized video is processed in 5 to 30 seconds for a 30 to 60-second video. The main factors in the speed are the video solution, the size of the media assets, and the duration of the video. Optimization is critical to reducing this time.

With Pirsonal Player brands can also create real-time personalization for interactive videos. Organizations can apply this to both, generic and dynamic videos.

#6 Duration of the Contract

Monthly renewals are subscription-based models that are becoming increasingly common among video SaaS tools. A lot of companies are doing this in order to make it easier for their customers to cancel their service if they are not satisfied with it.

It also allows the customer to budget their payments for the service more easily. Most companies that offer monthly renewals also offer a discount for those who pay for the year in advance. This is beneficial for the customer because it saves them money in the long run.

However, some vendors require 1 or 2-year contracts. This becomes a blocker for the majority of brands with small to mid-size volumes. This usually comes with an enterprise agreement.

#7 Video Hosting and Storage

Most organizations only need 1 month of video hosting. This is the average time dynamic video vendors offer. However, some companies need to host the videos for a longer period of time. This is either included in the plans or comes at an extra cost.

Additionally, vendors like Pirsonal give you the option to host the videos wherever you want. For this, we also provide integration with clouds like WS S3 or Azure.

The majority of the brands prefer not to host personalized videos. Some organizations want to have direct control over video files. Security and regulations are two key reasons for this.

Video and media asset storage is also a cost factor for some personalized video companies.

#8 Security Requirements

Most of the time, you will have to pay for a custom security implementation. And as we all know, security is not cheap. This depends on your security needs. A custom security implementation can easily cost thousands of dollars.

This is yet another cost factor to consider when weighing the size of a personalized video marketing campaign. On the one hand, you may be able to achieve a higher level of security with a custom implementation. On the other hand, that increased security may come at a significant price tag.

So, what’s the right decision for your business? That depends on your specific needs and budget. But if you’re looking for maximum security, then a custom security implementation is what you require.

#9 Professional and Agency Services

The most typical professional service in personalized video marketing is the creation of custom templates. Custom templates are still the norm. The price for full custom templates ranges from 3600 USD and 25000 USD.

Some brands and agencies also provide the finished video so that the video software company adds the dynamic elements. A few companies will charge a fixed fee for this service. However, other companies will charge per dynamic video layer. But this mainly depends on the video style and software for personalization you partner with.

Personalized Video Template Design Phases

These are the personalized video template design common phases

For example, templates with motion tracking can be more expensive than plain videos. Video animation can be cheaper if the assets are not 100% unique.

Some vendors give you the option to use tools like After Effects with plugins. With this software, either in the cloud or on local computers, you can also create videos at scale. In this case, some video vendors give you the option to design your own templates. Other software companies and agencies require that you hire them.

With platforms like Pirsonal you decide. Pirsonal provides a self-service video tool to create templates for dynamic videos. But there is also the option to use our agency services for templates based on your assets.

Other custom services are:

  • Voice-over. If the voice-over is recorded by a human, the key cost factor is the talent fees. On average, you’ll find that recording about 1000 personalized names can cost around 700 and 1500 USD for a full project. If the voice-over is automated (text-to-speech or TTS), 1 million characters will cost 4 USD.
  • Custom integrations. The fees for this type of custom implementation are similar to average development fees. It depends on the complexity of the connection. Pirsonal provides an API that saves time and resources. Many marketers prefer using a spreadsheet as the data source for the videos, a web form, or a CRM.
  • Marketing automation workflow with Zapier and similar tools. If you outsource this, the average price per connection ranges between 398 USD and 796 USD. Pirsonal provides an easy-to-use Zapier app to create personalized videos, dynamic landing pages, and interactive videos.

#10 Video Interactivity, Analytics, Dynamic Landing Pages

Every personalized video alternative on the market has a unique value proposition. Some, like Pirsonal, are not only focused on automating video production but also on making people react.

Interactive Video with Personalization Fields

Interactive Video Software

With this, there are different complementary features and apps. Some of these options require paying extra. Other options are part of the average packages.

For example, the use of an interactive video player for personalization to decrease customer churn. Depending on the features and vendor, prices range between 49 USD and 689 USD per month for around 10000 unique video links. Video tools like Pirsonal offer this as part of average plans.

In video marketing, analytics is key to understanding the performance of campaigns. Most video software offer this in their packages. Sometimes this comes at different levels depending on the plan you choose.

The use of dynamic landing pages is increasing. Some video personalization tools offer the option of creating them at no extra cost.

Managing a Successful Personalized Video Project

The majority of brands and agencies do not have experience with personalized video campaigns. If the campaign is not well structured, it can become a nightmare. In the end, this can translate into lost revenue, frustration, and not accomplishing the marketing goals.

The following video explains how to manage and execute a campaign with personalized videos.

To successfully manage a personalized video project, you need to cover three areas:

  1. Strategy
  2. Creativity
  3. Technology


The strategy is the core of every successful personalized marketing campaign with dynamic videos. In this stage, you’ll define the business goals for this video campaign. You’ll also focus on the target audience. Whenever it is possible, it is even better to use the augmented buyer persona technique.


In the creative stage, your creative team will work on the creative assets of the video personalization campaign. You’ll need to design the assets for the following personalized content:

  • Dynamic video templates. Use video software like Pirsonal Editor to easily create templates for dynamic videos.
  • Video landing pages. With Pirsonal Pages, you can automatically create dynamic landing pages for your videos.
  • Video interactivity. Add personalized calls-to-action to the dynamic videos. With Pirsonal Player you can do this on the fly.
  • Email, SMS, Whatsapp, or similar messages. Take into account the distribution channel y create relevant messages with clickthrough rates (CTR) in mind.
  • Copywriting.


The technical stage includes working with integrations with CRM, marketing automation, or APIs. In many cases, organizations use a CSV or spreadsheet. You’ll configure what should happen once the videos are made. For example, sending a personalized video link by email, SMS, or even through platforms like WhatsApp.

Conclusion About The Cost Of Personalized Video Software

For many first-timers, personalized video marketing can be complex. When selecting an alternative in the market, take into consideration the strategy, timeline, features, and level of execution support you need.

This will lead you to the right partner in the market. It will also help you understand the amount you’ll need to pay for video campaigns with personalization.

Video personalization software like Pirsonal is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. Since our platform is self-service SaaS, you decide the level of execution or support you need from our team.

Do you need guidance with a personalized video project? Feel free to reach out or start a free trial now!

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