Examples of personalized videos to inspire your customer engagement now

This is a selection of examples of personalized videos from different industries, used as part of a variety of marketing automation and sales strategies to boost customer engagement. These examples of personalized videos are created with Pirsonal’s personalized video marketing software.

From Hospitality to Financial Services – Examples of personalized videos that boosted customer engagement

Personalized videos are videos automatically created from any structured data, like a CSV, a CRM, a marketing automation software, or any database.

Pirsonal is a flexible marketing software to create personalized videos for modern customer engagement. These examples of personalized videos represent some of the videos created by some of our customers.

Personalized videos are 116% more effective than generic videos. When you create these videos automatically, the Pirsonal marketing software also creates personalized landing pages, personalized calls-to-action, and more to help you increase customer engagement.

Read this full personalized video examples guide now to learn more about the personalized marketing strategies that have helped organizations like yours boost customer engagement like never before.

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