How Personalized Video Ads Can Boost Sales?

Personalization marketing is big in today’s market environment. Of the most widely used communication mediums nowadays, video remains a much-preferred channel by marketers and audiences alike. Put them together and you get a powerful sales and marketing strategy in the form of personalized video ads. But how do you capitalize on the growing trend of personalized video ads to build stronger relationships and increase engagement with customers and ultimately boost your sales and return on investment?

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There is no denying the power of video ads in sending the right messages to consumers and audiences. The challenge for marketers and businesses in their use of video often lies in keeping viewers engaged enough to stay on board, the entire duration of the video and interested enough so they don’t resort to the skip button. Combating low completion rates and the increasing growth of ad blockers is possible through personalization. This means providing video ads that are better targeted to what’s relevant to a particular viewer.

No matter what distribution channel you use, personalized videos require a clear, consistent strategy that in most of the cases will also require at least three iterations. This free checklist will help you create a personalized video strategy that will not only boost your sales but also your customer engagement and revenue per client.

Personalized video ad campaigns can be formed and designed around good data analytics and a thorough assessment of geolocation information, retailer-provided shopper histories, social media accounts, and other data resources that can be used to help you tailor different aspects of video ads to specific viewers. When video ads are tailored to viewers, they are more likely to sit through the advertisement and respond positively to whatever call to action you may be presenting. As a result, you encourage deeper engagement, gain greater viewership, and ultimately, increase your chances of boosting your sales and bottom line.

Personalized marketing has gone a long way in today’s marketing environment. Add the power of video into the mix, and you have in your hands an unbeatable weapon that can increase your consumer engagement and enhance your customer’s content experience, which leads to increased sales and conversions.

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