3 Ways To Enhance Customer Experience When You Make Interactive Videos

Most customer-oriented organizations need to enhance customer experience (CX). Simply put, the better the experience, the better the lifetime value your business gets. Video seemed to be the way to go when you needed customers to understand certain information.

But making videos to enhance customer experience is not a guarantee of success anymore. Why? None of your customers are the same. This is why making interactive videos to improve the impression your customers have of your brand is key.

With many businesses filling their inbox every day, most of your customers are saturated with too many marketing messages.

This is why businesses need to update their video marketing strategy with interactive content.

With interactive video content, you deliver immersive experiences that help decision-makers be part of the story and take action in the customer journey.

Your customers have other priorities. This jeopardizes the overall engagement of your product, service, or brand. At the end of the day, we talk about money.

Organizations that make interactive videos are able to easily enhance customer experience because they stand out from the crowd with interactive experiences. Interactive experience adapts to what the viewer wants next.

An ordinary video is great. In a digital world, with accessible digital audiences, every organization needs them. But normal videos are not enough anymore.

When you add personal interactive elements to videos, you adapt the customer’s next step to what is best according to the customer’s journey and your business goals.

If you are sick of doing the same old boring marketing videos and slideshows that don’t make your target audience react, this guide is for you!

In this guide, you’ll learn how to enhance customer experience with interactive videos using marketing personalization strategies, creativity, and automation as your best allies.

3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience With Clickable Interactive Videos

In the past few years, the demand for personal interactive videos has become more and more prevalent due to the growing adoption of mobile technology. This trend is also backed by the fact that the use of personal interactive videos is becoming more widespread. Why? Because customer experience has never been this important.

Videos Interactivos y Personalizados de Pirsonal

Many organizations have made customer experience a top priority. Especially in the e-commerce ecosystem.

With so many options available to the modern consumer, the competition is fierce.

This means that businesses need to do all they can to ensure their customers are happy, or else they will quickly go elsewhere.

To keep it straight, lifetime value, also known as LTV, is in danger.

1 Use Interactive Videos To Increase Brand Awareness

Interactive videos can be a powerful tool to promote, enhance, and improve your customer’s interactions with your brand. Interactive video has become the de facto way for brands to engage customers through micro-commitments.

When you make interactive videos, you enable your brand to speak to customers. Also, through personalization, your target audience can choose their own path and stories.

How having clickable elements in a video affects brand awareness?

Brands need to deliver a positive impact. In the short term, this positive impact helps to enhance customer experience. In the long term, it increases customer engagement.

This is why brand awareness is linked to the customer service experience. An interactive video is more entertaining, but you want to make sure each and every video respects your brand style.

Make no mistake. Every single employee may cause a lasting positive or negative experience.

This is why your organization needs to lead the way through tools, systems, and workflows that make it easy to deliver a branded great experience.

Think about your sales reps and the way they follow up on leads.

For example, with interactive videos, you can increase brand awareness and establish mechanisms that allow them to share interactive video content with leads keeping your brand assets intact.

But also to the way your sales reps follow up on leads. Use interactive videos to increase brand awareness.

Interactive videos help to communicate a brand’s story, as well as a message or a brand’s vision; it helps in engaging and keeping a customer engaged.

What this means for any business unit, especially those customer-facing, is that customer experience should be one of the most important aspects of your business. This is why it is imperative to deliver a great multimedia experience linked to your brand.

2 Use Interactive Videos To Gather Customer Data and Answer Questions

With interactive video, your customer success and sales team can answer customer questions and convert inquiries into more sales opportunities. With this, as you can see, video interactivity is not only about clickable hotspots but also about data collection.

Big Data Executive Survey 2017

For instance, you can use personalized interactive videos to get real-time customer feedback on different products or services, as well as to improve customer loyalty.

How? By simply asking.

Interactive videos can be persuasive. How? One of my favorite interactive features is in-video forms. These are web forms you can add to any video. With an interactive video platform like Pirsonal, you can ask personalized questions to each viewer.

Also, you can use interactive personal videos to send personalized videos to sales prospects, employees, or customers.

These personalized videos will provide a variety of customer-oriented feedback from the end-user based on who they are.

With this information, you can not only enhance customer experience by knowing more about your target audience. You can also create granular marketing messages that adapt to their objects, desires, and expectations.

3 Use Interactive Videos to Show Relevant Demo Video to Marketing Leads

Especially in the SaaS world, onboarding demo videos are a must. With the right demo video, SaaS platforms can accelerate the sales process. Interactive video technology makes this possible. The beauty of these types of videos is that you can adapt to what the lead needs and suggest the next step in the sales process.

An interactive video software can quickly become a key part of your trial users’ onboarding process.

Are all your customers the same? Do they part of the same segment?

Probably not.

Use an interactive video tool to connect with trial users based on their background. For instance, a lower-ticket user signed up for a basic plan. Make sure that a demo video reflects the needs this type of user has.

Or, how about an enterprise lead that just signed up for a 14 days trial after talking to one of your SDRs? Enhance the trial period experience with relevant interactive video lessons based on the particular needs of this type of enterprise user.

This will dramatically improve your conversion from trial user to paying customer. Why? Because an interactive video is more informative.

This is especially useful if you do an account-based marketing video.

No matter the type of video, from video tutorials to product demos, an account-based marketing sales team can use video interactions to boost engagement at crucial parts of the journey.

When you use interactive videos as part of your marketing and sales content strategy, you can enhance the experience of sales and marketing leads based on the information they have already provided.

Types of interactive videos

At Pirsonal we differentiate between two types of interactive videos.

  1. Ordinary, interactive videos.
  2. Interactive videos with personalization

What Are Interactive Personal Videos?

Interactive personal videos are videos that have interactions that are personalized to the end-user. They can be interactive in two different ways:

  1. They allow users to choose their own path. The video changes depending on the users’ interaction.
  2. Interactive videos show personalized calls-to-action according to the user’s buyer persona.

The goal of these interactive personal videos is to increase customer experience.

Watch the following video about how personal interactive videos work:

This also applies in some fashion to customized videos. These are videos that the end viewer or user creates.

Generic Interactive Videos

Normal or generic interactive videos are videos that allow users to interact with their content. All users will see the same type of interaction.

Most organizations create generic videos with interactive elements.

One of the reasons for this is that marketing personalization is still a pending task in most marketing agencies, video production companies, and just any department.

For the rest of us that have customer-centric communication as a core value, this is not the case.

If you want your customers to pay attention to what you have to say, make sure to adapt your messages to what is relevant to them.

My general recommendation is to use generic videos for generic social media platforms.

Whenever you send a 1:1 message to a prospect, lead, or customer, create the interactive videos as if they were customized videos created by each viewer.

Why Making Interactive Videos With Personalization?

With more than 100 million people watching online videos every month, there has never been a better time to use video for marketing or video campaigns. For example, a recent study indicates that 40% of marketers have their YouTube videos converted to sales.

So, for those that have the healthy habit of going back to their analytics dashboard, experience shows that video campaigns with personalization and interactivity work better.

However, creating the perfect interactive videos can be a very difficult task if you don’t have the right mindset.

That’s why I’d like to share with you some useful tips on creating videos to engage the viewer more and help boost your business’s customer experience.

Tips for Creating Interactive Videos to Boost Customer Experience

You don’t need to be a video expert to create engaging interactive videos. In fact, the only thing you need is to know how to create interactive videos that are more than just videos.

Ok. That’s confusing.

Let me explain.

Think about Video ROI from day one

If you want to create videos that make people react, your videos should be more like sales letters than just attractive videos.

One of my favorite things about sales letters is that they should have a clear call to action.

So, video + CTA= Video sales letter. Literally, make shoppable videos.

A video interactive experience allows you to engage with viewers. With personalization techniques, you can automatically create the right call to action for each individual.

This applies to a linear video or to a video that allows users to choose what’s next.

Know the viewer’s interest

In order to create engaging interactive videos, you need to know exactly what type of viewer you are targeting.

In other words, don’t just make the videos for everyone but make them for the person who is interested in your services.

Don’t make videos to be entertaining for the masses, but use them to build an email list or boost engagement to your site.

To make this possible, make sure to ask for key customer data at different stages in the engagement process.

For example, if you do account-based marketing, you want to make sure you ask more information to leads that have already been to one of your webinars when they register for new webinars.

If you are in the real estate industry, you probably want to understand what your leads like about a location and save that information in a structured way.

Structured Data Example for Personalized Videos

A spreadsheet is the easiest example of structured data

Target the viewers’ interests

In order to create engaging interactive videos, you need to know exactly what type of viewer you are targeting. In other words, don’t just create videos because you can.

With video marketing software like Pirsonal, you can create automated videos at scale. But if you are thinking about 1:1 marketing, forget about a wide range of customers and go the extra mile with granular messaging.

Customer experience is about keeping your customers engaged through micro-moments. For this to happen, you need to focus on who they are.

Segmentation is key. Thanks to modern customer relationship tools this gets easier.

If you have a larger audience or have workflows that constantly engage with leads and customers through digital channels, marketing automation software is a must.

Thanks to technology, you can automatically create workflows, messages, and different types of personalized content, including video, that helps you get in touch with your audience based on their interest.

Closing thought: Use Interactive Video To Enhance Your Customer’s Experience At Scale

To enhance customer experience, you need to deliver marketing communications that are relevant to the individual. Personal interactive videos make this possible.

To create personal interactive videos that make people react, make sure to know your audience well.

Marketing technology tools can be of big help to achieve this. For example, you can automatically segment your audience. This segmentation will help you know more about your customers.

The more you know about your segmented audience, the better videos you can create. If you add personalized calls-to-action to your videos, you’ll see how viewers will interact with the content at higher rates.

There are many ways to improve customer experience. Becoming a customer-centric organization is key to grow and extend the time a customer pays for your offering.

If you make your customer the hero, you’ll ultimately increase customer engagement.

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