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This image shows some of Pirsonal's clients and their logos including BMW, Mitsubishi, Weichert, Orientbell, Mini, Accenture, among others.

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Pirsonal Editor is a video tool to create dynamic video templates for Pirsonal

Drag & drop template editor

Retain the freedom your team loves. With Pirsonal’s drag & drop tool, anyone in your team can create templates for dynamic videos from any browser.

Data-driven call-to-action button example by Pirsonal's interactive video player, Pirsonal Player

Interactive video tools

Boost viewer engagement with Pirsonal Player. Automatically add personalized calls-to-action to personalized videos so that every customer takes action fast.

Example of personalized landing page with dynamic content by Pirsonal's Pirsonal Pages

Personalized landing pages

Improve brand awareness with personalized landing pages. With Pirsonal Pages, you automatically create a landing page for each customer.

Best personalized video editing software at the moment

What we like most about the software and we give it a 10/10 is the support

Val A., lead project manager at a known insurance company

Why choosing Pirsonal

“Best quality vs price performance”

Where other software falls short

Most personalized video platforms are either too limited or just too much. They don’t adapt to your team and workflow. As a result, projects get truncated and audiences stay unengaged.

What makes Pirsonal better for marketing teams, agencies, and developers?

Pirsonal is the only platform that adapts to your team’s expertise, audience size, and workflow so that you increase engagement with data-driven videos at scale. Self-service or with our help.

This image shows the logos of some of Pirsonal's clients including Weichert, BMW, Mitsubishi, and Zumba.

This table shows how Pirsonal compares to other personalized video solutions based on publicly available reviews.


“amazing team, excellent service”


“great personalization possibilities”


“simple and effective”

Very good value for the price compared to other providers that we were looking.

Gasper B., Online Sales Development Manager at a known insurance company

Customer success stories

Zumba logo

Zumba rendered 600k minutes of data-driven videos in less than a week

To help thousands of instructors engage with their audience online, Zumba needed to create high-quality, data-driven videos and personalized landing pages fast.

We helped their brand team deliver 600k minutes of personalized and localized long-form videos in less than a week.

With Pirsonal’s Professional Services and scalable platform, they succeeded.

  • Industry: Fitness
  • Location: United States
  • Company Size: Mid-Market (100-200 employees)
Mitsubishi Logo

Mitsubishi saw a 30% response ratio from a direct mail campaign

In order to raise brand awareness and move customers from physical to digital, Mitsubishi needed to engage with 20,000 customers during its 100th anniversary.

We worked with their CRM Manager to help them create a personalized video for each customer.

Thanks to Pirsonal’s flexible platform, they exceeded the campaign’s goals with more than 30% engaged customers within the first days.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: Sweden
  • Company Size: Enterprise (20k+ employees)
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Become a success story

The experience in general is very good and they are always willing to help, at our disposal. Our relationship has always been excellent, great quality of human team and very good technical support.

Montse B., Project Manager at Open Box Channel

Optional Professional Services

Succeed faster

Pirsonal's video personalization and automation solutions adapt to your team's workflow, capabilities, and expertise. Plus, you can always count on our Professional Services.

With Pirsonal, you get a self-service, flexible platform anyone in your team can manage, backed up with built-in and optional Professional Services to help you save time, resources, and even money.

Creative services

Don’t have a creative team or they are too busy? We’ll help you craft, customize, and implement on-brand video templates, personalized emails, and more.


Your time is limited. We’ll manage your personalized video marketing programs so that you launch on time, lower costs, and boost engagement.

Custom integrations

Need an automated process? We’ll create a custom automation workflow with data-driven videos connected to any application, including CRMs and APIs.

Succeed faster with our Professional Services

The team made it SO easy and were super accommodating with timing, adjustments, and very communicative.

Ginny L, Lead Account Manager at MediumGiant

Popular Features

The flexibility your organization loves

Re-engage widget [NEW]

Improve conversions by displaying a personalized video when a customer visits your website with Pirsonal’s new widget.

Personalized landing pages

Automatically deliver an engaging experience that elevates your brand and keeps customers focused.

In-video interactions

Instantly drive viewers’ interaction with personalized calls to action you can automatically add to every video, so “Jennifer” books a call with “James” right away.

Make Videos From Spreadsheets

Now, anyone in your team can easily make personalized videos, dynamic landing pages, and more in bulk using CSV files.

Integrate with anything

Quickly remove friction with automation in real time by connecting Pirsonal to the tools your team and developers use.

Customer Video tracking

Securely make better decisions based on accurate, anonymized, and up-to-date metrics when every customer interacts with a video.

Easy reports

Keep your campaigns on track. Go beyond views and track engagement at a glance with easy-to-understand graphs and reports.

Search contacts

Stop guessing if a contact watched a tailored video. Easily find contacts and verify video engagement at a glance.

Detailed CSV Report

Manage reports your way. Export detailed video analytics and data for every template in CSV format.

Video Analytics API

Get consolidated video performance information in real-time to make better decisions and trigger your marketing tools.

Google Analytics

Get a better grasp of your video marketing strategy. Evaluate and measure how your overall marketing is performing.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Reach a global audience, improve the viewing experience, and decrease latency with a global content delivery network.

Drag & drop template editor

Create your own personalized and automated video templates, or rely on Pirsonal’s Professional Services team to help you succeed—faster.

Custom video output

Build your own video output with custom resolution, aspect ratio, video bitrate, frames per second, audio sample rate, and more.

Video Encoding

Automate video encoding and transcoding so that your videos work on any type of platform and device.

Import media assets

Bring media assets designed with After Effects (AE), Premier, Canva, or from any creative suite. Then, build your template from any browser.

Unlimited dynamic media

Make data-driven videos with as many media assets as you need. With Pirsonal, you automatically make real videos with dynamic images, video clips, audio files, and text.

Custom fonts

Keep your brand identity intact. Use your corporate fonts in your personalized videos.


Create, manage, and measure personalized, automated, and interactive videos with a straightforward, flexible API.

Programmable templates

Create, update, and modify flexible video templates in real-time using JSON.


Send push notifications from Pirsonal’s servers to yours or to any app the moment a video is created to integrate it into an email, SMS, CRM, or any system.

S3 integration

Use your organization’s S3 bucket to host videos made with Pirsonal on your own terms.

Custom metadata

Attach relevant information to every video, such as a customer ID, a telephone number, a buyer persona, or an email address.

Hosted landing pages

Save time and resources when using Pirsonal Pages, a video landing page automatically made for every personalized, automated, and interactive video at scale.

I like the ease of use, the self-management, the speed with which we can create projects and the contact with support. Currently, it provides us with a massive video generation solution and automation for different data APIs, which could not be provided by any other vendor.

Alejandro Z., Project Manager at The Hook

Compare plans and features


We decided to work with Pirsonal because of their personal interaction. You got answers right away.

Stephen Frederick, Director of Creative Services at Weichert Companies

Who Should Use Pirsonal?

Pirsonal is perfect for busy marketing teams, agencies, and developers. And for basically any organization that is looking for a flexible, cost-effective, and guided approach to personalized video marketing, interactive videos, and automated video editing at scale without all the bells and whistles that will push your campaign off the cliff before it makes it to your boss’s desk.

How Is My Pricing Determined?

The prices above provide a pricing range for the Pirsonal Platform. Anticipated pricing starts at the figure shown, yet actual pricing may vary depending on optional additional factors–including add-ons, content & creative services, strategy, program management, configuration, and implementation. Please contact sales for a specific quote unique to your needs.

How are minutes, seconds or credits deducted?

You are charged per second of video for each output.
Credits are used each time Pirsonal creates a personalized video, regardless of the duration of the video.
The number of deducted credits will depend on the video resolution or output format you use as follows:
  • Up to 480p (MP4, WebM, OGG): 1 credit per second of video.
  • 720p (MP4, WebM, OGG): 1 credit per second of video.
  • 1080p (MP4, WebM, OGG): 2 credits per second of video.
  • Custom output formats: 2 credits per second of video.
  • 30 seconds of video in 480p will deduct 30 credits.
  • 30 seconds of video in 720p will deduct 30 credits.
  • 30 seconds of video in 1080p will deduct 60 credits.

Need help with this? Contact us now!

What's the difference between yearly and monthly plans?

Yearly plans have no monthly limits and pay about 20% less. Monthly plans have a monthly limit based on the total amount of minutes supported by the plan.

Am I required to sign an annual contract?

Yes. Your long-term success is our priority, and we find that customers that commit to the year-long investment (or beyond) are most successful with our platform.

Do you offer Professional Services?

Yes. We are committed to your success, and sometimes this means lending an extra hand.

These are some of our Professional Services:

  • Content and creative services (custom video templates, etc.)
  • API integrations and development.
  • Marketing automation workflow configuration.
  • Personalized marketing consultancy.
  • Personalized video marketing strategy.
  • And more.

Let us know your needs now.

Is there an Enterprise Plan?

Yes. We cover most scenarios, both in terms of volume, as well as professional services and infrastructure. Contact us right now.

What Type Of Support Does Pirsonal Offer?

We walk with you in different ways depending on your needs and the plan you purchase.

With Start and Scale, you’ll have access to email and chat support. With Transform and Enterprise plans, you’ll gain access to email, chat, phone, and video call support.

Multi-language support is available for all Pirsonal users. Pirsonal supports English and Spanish for both spoken and written customer support. For other written languages, note that our team could use translation tools.

All users can access Pirsonal’s Knowledge Base, video tutorials, and weekly training emails.

Professional Services clients have access to our service portal where we manage milestones, tasks, and documentation when required.

Can I use software like After Effects, Premier or Canva with Pirsonal?

Yes. You can use media files from any video editing and design tool, including After Effects (AE), Premier, or even Canva. Simply upload your images, video clips, audio, and audio files to Pirsonal Editor.

What's included in the free trial?

You can create personalized, automated, and interactive videos for free. Free trial accounts have access to all features from the Transform plan for 14 days, including 100 minutes of real personalized and automated video creation. Also, you get free onboarding from a product specialist to help you succeed from day one.

Start with your personalized video free trial today! No credit card is required.

Is Our Customer Data Safe?

Absolutely. Since we are a European company and work with banking, insurance, and healthcare organizations worldwide, security and compliance are critical parts of our software.

For example, we own our infrastructure, media files and logs are automatically deleted once they’ve been used to render a video and, on top of that, you have the option to host your own content.

Also, Enterprise customers can request custom security and compliance configurations.

Is video hosting included?

Yes. Transform, Scale and Start plans offer between one and three months of free video hosting. You can also request an extension or choose to host the videos wherever you want. Remember, we are flexible.

Can I cancel, downgrade or upgrade at any time?

Yes. On Start, Scale, and Transform plans. Enterprise plans are subject to specific terms on a case-by-case basis.

However, bear in mind that plan charges are applied monthly or yearly depending on your plan since we factor in and/or prorate some Professional Services to help you succeed.

Can I Integrate Pirsonal with third-party apps?

Yes. Pirsonal is really flexible. Here is how:

  • We have pre-built integrations with platforms like Mailchimp and Amazon S3.
  • There are thousands of applications that connect with Pirsonal like Google Sheets, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics through Zapier.
  • We provide an API to help you build your own video editing applications and automation workflow.
  • Pirsonal supports webhooks to connect to any email or direct messaging platform.

Need a custom connection? Simply let us know. We’ll be happy to help.

What If I Exceed my plan's monthly or yearly minutes limits?

If you exceed your minutes limit for your billing period, we’ll automatically give you some minutes at no extra charge so that you can finish creating some of the current personalized videos at that time.

However, after these minutes, your account will stop creating new videos. No worries, you can always upgrade to the next level plan for the remainder of your subscription period or contact support for assistance.

Is there a limit in the number of personalized videos I can create?

Our plans are quite generous. All of them are limited in the number of minutes or seconds of successfully created video content the plan can create monthly or yearly, no matter the duration of your videos.

For example, with a yearly Premier plan, you could create:

  • 50,000 videos of 30 seconds each,
  • Or 100,00 videos of 15 seconds each.

I have More Questions

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  • Enterprise solutions,
  • And more.

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