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Join peers at BMW, Zumba, and Odigeo that drive more customer engagement thanks to Pirsonal’s flexible personalized video marketing software that adapts to your needs.

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Why Pirsonal?

A flexible personalized video marketing software for modern customer engagement

Pirsonal is a personalized video marketing software for everyone

A platform for any team member

A robust personalized video marketing software

A consistent experience for marketing automation and campaigns

Scalable personalized video marketing with Pirsonal

A service that scales and grows as you need

This is what you get

Data Security – GDPR

We take data security very seriously. From shielded video processing to data encryption and secure video hosting. Learn more.

API & Integrations

Use Pirsonal’s API to create your own applications or use our +2000 integrations (Zapier) to start personalized video marketing today.

Protected Webhook System

A Webhook is a push notification from Pirsonal’s servers to yours or to any software. Through our platform, they can be password-protected. Pirsonal instantly communicates with any app the moment a video is created to integrate it in an email, SMS, a CRM or any system.

Our own infrastructure

At Pirsonal we own our software and distributed hardware.

Content Delivery Network

On selected accounts, your personalized videos are automatically distributed through a content delivery network (CDN) to ensure fast video viewing and conversions.

Secure URLs

Use anonymized URLs to protect each personalized video automatically.

Password-protected Personalized Videos

Have sensitive information to display in the personalized videos? Protect them with a unique Secure Code.

Amazon S3 Integration

Pirsonal integrates with Amazon Webservices so you can securely host the personalized videos in your own S3 bucket.

Host Your Content

Use your own video hosting, integrate the personalized video files wherever you want through Pirsonal’s API, the personalized videos marketing suite for developers.

Custom Metadata

Attach any relevant information to every video, from a customer ID, a telephone number or an email. Pirsonal makes it easy to integrate and manage every video with any automation workflow.

Video Encoding

Pirsonal takes care of the video encoding so that every personalized video work on any type of platform.

Facebook Pixel (coming soon)

Use Facebook Pixel to create to retarget your audience automatically based on how each individual interacted with the personalized video.

Flexible Templates

Enrich your templates with Pirsonal’s scripting language. Create formulas for unlimited scenarios.

Template Creator (Pirsonal Editor)

Create custom personalized video templates with Pirsonal’s tools, or rely on Pirsonal’s Professional Services team to help you achieve your goals.

Custom Video Output Profiles

Pirsonal’s Automatic Video Editing platform takes care of the complete processing, transcoding and rendering of your personalized videos. Create the video in one or several formats and resolutions, create custom video profiles.

You have questions. We have answers.

Is the free trial limited in any way?

No. When using our free trial, you’ll have access to every feature.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. (Ideally, you’ll never want to.)

Is there an Enterprise Plan?

Yes. We cover most scenarios, both in terms of volume, as well as professional services and infrastructure. Contact us right now.

Is Pirsonal secure?

Absolutely. A full explanation of our security can be found here.

Is video hosting included?

Yes, with each and every plan. You can also choose to host the videos wherever you want. Remember, we are flexible.

Can I create custom video profiles?

Yes, under the Profesional, Premier and Enterprise plans.

Are there other payment methods?

Yes, for yearly and Enterprise plans. Contact us right now.

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