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Whether you need a custom development on our API, to design custom templates or an individualized marketing consultation, our personalized video experts can help you every step of the way in order to successfully achieve your project´s goals!

Personalized Video Experts: Our Services

Multimedia Personalization API

Development Services

API: Write and implement an API connecting Pirsonal to another open API platform.

Custom App: Applications based on your requirements and based on Pirsonal’s Individualized Marketing API.

Dedicated Rendering Servers: Exclusive, dedicated multimedia rendering servers for high-performance projects with demanding compliance or regulatory requirements.

Individualized Videos Based on CRM Data

Creative Services

Custom Template: Design and development of custom individualized video templates based on your brand-guideline.

Campaign Media Assets: Design, development and sourcing of the collateral media assets required for an individualized marketing workflow.

Individualized Voice Over: Management of the recording, creative and implementation of voice over assets and actors for individualized videos, globally.

Embed Third-party apps

Consulting and Project Services

Video Generation Management: We’ll generate the individualized videos from your data set.

Individualization Workflow Design: Design and/or implementation of customer-centric marketing, sales and communication automation workflows powered by individualized videos.

Insights & Analytics: From Data cleanse to Campaign Analytics, we’ll go further to get the results you expect.

Accelerate sales. Increase engagement.

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