Video production and video marketing service for personalized videos

Rely on Pirsonal’s Pro Services to make the personalized videos you need for your next creative advertising or marketing campaign. From automated video production at scale to marketing automation triggers, CRM, or spreadsheets that create and distribute the personalized videos to your customers. All done for you.

Personalized Videos by Pirsonal
Personalized Video Marketing With Templates Created With Pirsonal Editor

Video production service

Personalized videos at scale

Want to be creative in advertising and marketing to improve customer experience with personalized videos?

Launching a personalized video project can be overwhelming if you don’t have the time, resources, or experience.

Pirsonal’s video marketing service handles all the video design, production, distribution, and technical development of campaigns and automated marketing workflows with personalized videos based on your strategy.

Success Stories

Zumba: 800,000 minutes of personalized videos to engage with a global community

“Pirsonal helped Zumba engage with a global community of instructors to make a solid impact with personalized videos and landing pages”

Why Pirsonal?

Flexible personalized video service done for you

Personalized videos help you to attract your consumers’ attention thanks to the power of data-driven messages, video, and marketing automation.

Thanks to Pirsonal’s personalized video marketing software and digital video production services, we can take care of any aspect of your personalized video project the same way we’ve helped peers at Zumba, FlightCentre, and Opodo.

Video Editing Software To Create Personalized Video Templates
Pirsonal is a personalized video marketing software for everyone

Top video production in digital marketing using personalization

A robust personalized video marketing software

Our own all-in-one personalized video software

Scalable personalized video marketing with Pirsonal

Support from our Certified Partner Agencies

Video marketing service for personalized videos

A full digital video marketing service focused on video automation and personalization

Pirsonal is a video marketing company that manages your personalized video project from zero to full execution. We work with your production house, motion graphics agency, advertising agency, or your in-house team to help you make online personalized videos a key part of your success.

Add Personalized Calls-to-action with Pirsonal's Interactive Video Player

Digital and online video marketing

We support your personalized video strategy based on our experience helping small to sized brands increase customer experience and sales with personalized video marketing.

Marketing Automation And Personalized Videos With Pirsonal

Video production service at scale

We design personalized video templates from scratch, using your creative assets or custom video material designed for you.

Dynamic Interactions

Video marketing automation

Do you want to customized videos from spreadsheets, CRM, or marketing automation workflows? We make and distribute the personalized videos for you.

Featured professional services

Personalized video production services

Video marketing services done for you

Take your online marketing video strategy to the next level with personalization and automation. We work directly with your team or with your marketing or advertising agency with these featured video marketing services:

Consulting and Project Services

  • Personalized video creation management
  • Marketing automation workflow
  • Personalized video strategy
  • Campaign monitoring and KPI tracking

Creative Services:

  • Video script
  • Custom template design
  • Custom landing page design
  • Personalized email design
  • Studio-recorded personalized voice-over
  • Text-to-speech (TTS for automated voices)

Development Services

  • Custom API integration or Zapier implementation
  • Personalized video in social media marketing
  • Dedicated Rendering Servers
  • Personalized video ads
Pirsonal Intelligence: Interactive Video Player for Personalized Videos

Our process

A walking partnership

We are more than a personalized video vendor. We are your partner. Once we decide to work together, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a personalized video digital marketing plan that’s directed at what you’ve set out to accomplish.

Add Personalized Calls-to-action with Pirsonal's Interactive Video Player

1 – Understanding your goals

We immerse ourselves in your strategy and give you recommendations based on our experience in different industries, from Hospitality to Financial Services.

Marketing Automation And Personalized Videos With Pirsonal

2 – Creative implementation

We take care of the conceptualization, design and creation of the content linked to the initiative with personalized videos. From video templates to personalized emails, dynamic landing pages and calls to action.

Dynamic Interactions

3 – Technical implementation

We create custom integrations with your CRM or app, use our existing integrations or a spreadsheet to process the videos and create dynamic landing pages and video CTAs on the cloud.

Pirsonal adapts to your needs

Add personalized videos to your customer experience strategy your own way

We work directly with your team or with your marketing or advertising agency

Full Video Personalization With Pirsonal

Full content personalization

Personalize any media content: Text, images, videos, audios, and complete scenes.

Batch or Triggered Personalized Videos

Batch or triggered-based

Make personalized videos on the fly, based on existing information from a CSV or triggered by any marketing automation software, CRM, or event.

Personalized videos distribution

Flexible distribution and hosting

You decide. Send your personalized video campaigns through email, SMS, Whatsapp or any platform from your own marketing tools.

Examples of personalized videos

Check how other successful brands rely on Pirsonal’s personalized video production services for their marketing success

From Hospitality to Financial Services, customer engagement starts with a personal approach.

Meet the all-in-one Pirsonal platform

Video Marketing Automation Software

Personalized Video Analytics
Personalized video marketing with Pirsonal

Pirsonal Player

Increase customer loyalty, sales, and engagement with Pirsonal’s personalized video marketing software. A complete, scalable, and secure solution to create personalized videos online.

Personalized landing pages with Pirsonal

Pirsonal Pages

Increase brand awareness and conversions with data-driven personalized landing pages. Pirsonal Pages are landing pages automatically created for each personalized video.

Personalized video templates

Pirsonal Editor

Pirsonal Editor is a video editing software to create personalized video templates in a snap. If you value your time and ease of use, this is your tool.

Personalized Video API by Pirsonal

API & Integrations

Integrate with any marketing software and with our API. Connect the full power of video personalization to your own data source, based on your triggers and marketing automation.

Pirsonal Has More Features

A Secure Personalized Video Platform

We take data security very seriously. From shielded video processing to data encryption and secure video hosting.

Magic Link

Through Pirsonal’s Magic Link the videos are automatically created when an individual clicks on a link. Behind the scenes, we already know the data and template to be merged.

Protected Webhook System

A Webhook is a push notification from Pirsonal’s servers to yours or to any software. Through our platform, they can be password-protected. Pirsonal instantly communicates with any app the moment a video is created to integrate it in an email, SMS, a CRM or any system.

YouTube Integration

Automatically upload the Individualized Videos to your YouTube channel with custom metadata and dynamic fields. Easily manage the videos’ privacy settings from the Pirsonal Platform or from Pirsonal’s API.

Amazon S3 Integration

Pirsonal integrates with Amazon Webservices so you can securely host the Individualized Videos in your own S3 bucket.

Use Your Own Video Hosting

Use your own video hosting, integrate the Individualized Video files wherever you want through Pirsonal’s API, the Individualized Video Platform for developers.

Custom Metadata

Attach any relevant information to every video, from a customer ID, a telephone number or an email. Pirsonal makes it easy to integrate and manage every video with any automation workflow.

Video Encoding

The Pirsonal video platform takes care of the video encoding so that every Individualized Video works on any type of platform.

Custom Video Output Profiles

Pirsonal’s automatic video editing platform takes care of the complete processing, transcoding and rendering of your Individualized Videos. Create the video in one or several formats and resolutions, create custom video profiles.

Flexible Templates

Create Individualized Video Templates on the fly thanks to Pirsonal’s documented, JSON-based scripting language.

Template Creator

Create custom Individualized Video templates with Pirsonal’s tools, or rely on Pirsonal’s Professional Services team to help you achieve your goals.

Make It Your Own

Create custom products by using Pirsonal´s API. There are also 1000+ integrations available you can use.

Accelerate sales. Increase engagement.