Marketing For Real Estate: How To Automate Video Production? (Guide with Examples)

Doing marketing for real estate agents can be more powerful when you make video content. Realtors can produce different video types to engage with a variety of audiences across the customer journey.

But as you probably already know, making videos for the real estate industry can be time-consuming, expensive, and slow. In the end, we are talking about a never-ending number of properties, but also thousands of sales associates.

So how can you automate video production to do marketing for a real estate company? With cloud video editing software, companies can make videos automatically. This is the process:

  1. Choose a cloud video editing software like Pirsonal to make videos at scale.
  2. Create a video template with a web video tool like Pirsonal Editor. Our Professional Services team can do this for you as well.
  3. Connect your data source to the cloud video rendering platform.
  4. The videos are then rendered in bulk or as part of a marketing autinteomation workflow.

Hence, video automation gives real estate professionals many video marketing opportunities.

Understanding these opportunities will help real estate marketers, video producers, and brand peers engage with home buyers and sellers with the type of content they all love. Fourtunley, video technology has a lot to offer.

Using Video Technology to Make Real Estate Videos At Scale

A robust video marketing strategy in the real estate industry needs to constantly take the different buyer personas into account. Through video technology, video marketers can have a scalable process in place.

Through this process, marketers can even create personalized videos that adapt to their ideal client (learn how to manage this type of project – Audio).

Personalized Videos by Pirsonal

There are two ways to create videos in a scalable way.

  1. Bulk video creation: Bulk or batch video creation uses existing structured data to create all the videos at once.
  2. Marketing automation workflow with video: The videos are created when an event takes place (example: if this, then create a video).

The following image shows a marketing automation workflow for real estate marketing with video:

Marketing Automation Example for Real Estate Marketing with Personalized Videos

Use marketing automation and personalized videos to engage with real estate leads

Let’s go over both automated video production scenarios.

Bulk Video Creation

This is probably the most common one. In this scenario, companies do batch video editing online if they need to render a large number of videos. For example, converting a property listing with ten thousand houses into video.

This approach provides regular content to support the SEO and digital marketing strategy.

In contrast, brands can consider a video editor for PC if they don’t need to render more than a dozen videos. This is a more manual process. However, it is easy to manage by any video designer through professional tools like After Effects or even with free video editing software alternatives.

A quick tip about automated video production
Define the ideal video creation process. Then, find a video platform that adapts to your needs.

This approach is a good fit whenever you need to create one-time marketing campaigns with video. It is also great for video content marketing and SEO.

As for the data source for bulk video creation, the majority of marketing professionals prefer spreadsheets. Spreadsheets allow content creators to easily organize the information for the videos.

The following infographic shows an example of structured data to create videos from spreadsheets:

Structured Data Example for Personalized Videos

A spreadsheet is the easiest example of structured data

From long to short-format videos, marketing professionals use any structured data source like spreadsheets.

This information is then fed into the video software. From there, the videos are rendered in Pirsonal’s fast video rendering servers.

The following video shows how to create videos in bulk from a spreadsheet:

Marketing Automation Workflow with Video

Marketing automation workflows help brands target potential clients with video. Personalized videos are one of the most common types of videos for automated marketing.

Personalized videos use customer data to enhance engagement. With a personal touch, they can stand out from their competitors.

Likewise, generate a stronger and more consolidated personal brand image.

The concept is quite simple: Whenever a specific event is triggered, a video automation tool makes a video.

For instance, a frequent marketing data source for personalized videos in the real estate industry is customer relationship management software (also known as CRM).

Similarly, marketing automation professionals can use web forms to create videos. In this case, the video is triggered whenever a potential client submits a web form.

The following image is the screenshot of an interactive video with a web form:

Interactive Video Example with a Web Form for Real Estate Marketing

Interactive Video Example with a Web Form

Truly, the options are virtually unlimited. If you have digital data, you can automatically create videos.

A quick tip about marketing automation with video
Double-check if the marketing tools you use integrate with the personalized video software.

5 Real Estate Automated Video Marketing Ideas

These are 5 ways real estate brands can use video in their online marketing to improve their branding, SEO, and customer experience (CX):

  1. Convert your property listing into videos to improve SEO and time spent on the pages
  2. Create an immersive home buying and selling experience with virtual tours and 3D videos
  3. Boost your sales associates’ personal brand with social media video ads
  4. Build your marketing funnels and flywheels with webinars on autopilot
  5. Use interactive videos to increase your video click-through rates

Homebuyers are more educated before they interact with a brand. Effective video marketing strategies enhance customer experience tailored to individual phases of a person’s buying process.

#1 Convert Your Property Listing Into Videos to improve SEO

Real estate SEO professionals can use video to strategically improve SEO. Through bulk video creation, SEOs can populate property listings and social media channels with timely video content.

However, it is key to be selective with the content. Of course, video automation helps populate a YouTube channel with home videos. Nonetheless, video platforms like YouTube like fresh content that constantly engages with an audience.

This means that this approach requires content curation. It also requires editorial work crafting voiceover scripts, scenes, and useful metadata.

The best approach is to think about the content the target audience will find useful when they most need it.

#2 Deliver an Immersive Experience with Virtual Tours and 3D Videos

In a competitive market, a marketing team needs to find ways to increase customer engagement and extend sales associates’ reach. Virtual tours and 3D videos do exactly this.

Why virtual tours videos? We are all busy. With virtual tours, homebuyers can know more about their future home without in-person visits.

Potential customers want to be aware of what they can expect from the property even before they visit it.

In fact, TIG Global stated that businesses that offer virtual tours enjoy increased bookings and look-to-book conversion ratios by 16% to 67%.

#3 Social Media Video Ads to Build Branding

Social media video ads help agents build their personal brands. With a stronger personal brand, real estate agents can close more appointments and deals.

Brands can create video ads for social media marketing platforms like Facebook. These videos can be customized with the agent’s contact details and profile picture.

YouTube can also be one of the main primary marketing channels. In this case, find YouTube channels with similar audiences to target them with video ads.

#4 Educating Homebuyers and Sellers with Automated Webinars

Automated webinars can help companies within the real estate industry accomplish their marketing goals in terms of lead education.

First, agents can invite leads to attend an exclusive webinar and ask questions live.

Second, sales associates can repurpose the webinar content to create new content.

Something to keep in mind…

On the one hand, video platforms like YouTube love longer content because this way viewers spend more time watching videos.

On the other hand, social media platforms like Facebook prefer shorter videos. Shorter videos help viewers to consume more content one after the other while paying attention to other social interactions online.

In both cases, it is crucial to create the type of video content that better engages with your particular audience.

Third, webinars on autopilot can help sales associates to follow up on leads book in-person meetings and phone calls. Webinars are a powerful lead generation tool.

#5 Increasing Video Engagement With Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are one of the most cost-effective ways to engage with potential buyers. There are many ways to engage with them.

For example, with in-video web forms, real estate professionals can ask questions via video.

Also, interactive videos can have video calls to action (CTAs) with personalized interactions. This helps improve video conversions when you make interactive campaigns with video.

The following image shows a video player overlay with the agent’s contact details:

Interactive Video Example for Real Estate Marketing

Interactive Video Example for Real Estate Marketing

The beauty of this is that it can be part of a marketing automation workflow. In the image above, a sales associate automatically adds her contact details to a video when a lead requests information. Interactive videos and personalization help brands decrease customer churn.

These videos are more cost-effective because the personalization is added as an overlay in the video player. This means that this approach doesn’t require rendering the videos.

Interactive videos help you enhance the customer experience across the customer journey.

As you can see, with marketing videos, realtors can increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement and empower their sales associates’ personal brands.

Related Questions About Marketing For Real Estate With Automated Videos

How to Create Quality Video Content Automatically?

To create quality videos automatically, follow these steps:

  1. Define clear business and communication goals. Take into account the buyer personas.
  2. Design video templates with a fluid-structure in mind. Also, keep in mind the video distribution channels. For instance, dynamic landing pages for personalized videos sent through an email marketing campaign, or short social media video ads for Instagram.
  3. Test your videos with extreme, ugly data. For example, short content, bad quality images, etc.
  4. Create a pilot program and pay attention to video analytics. Use the information to improve video KPIs like viewing engagement rates or CTA click-through rates.

How to Choose The Right Online Video Editing Software To Make Videos Automatically?

To choose the right video editing software, follow these recommendations:

  • Pay close attention to your ideal operational workflow. In some cases, all you’ll need is to upload a CSV to a software. In other cases, you’ll need an integration with a CRM or database.
  • Decide the average volume you’ll need to make in a period of time. For example, often, SaaS video tools offer monthly and yearly plans. Some let you make personalized and automated videos for free during a trial.
  • Choose the level of execution you want. For instance, if you have in-house designers, can they take care of the complete video template? If you don’t, does the video vendor offer this service in relation to the video platform of your choice?

Final Thoughts: Video Automation and Marketing for Real Estate

In conclusion, there are many creative ways to use video in real estate marketing strategies.

Realtors can add video to marketing funnels to accelerate the sales process.

Also, SEO experts can make video content marketing to increase the number of organic searches.

Lastly, customer experience Managers can create personalized videos to help sales associates book more calls and increase customer satisfaction.

There are different types of video content. You can create most of them automatically.

Pirsonal provides a flexible and cost-effective cloud video solution. This software adapts to any digital scenario. If you need agency support, we also offer Professional Services to help you succeed with automated video production.

Curious about how to start with video automation? Contact us now! We’ll walk with you.

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