This is How A Car Brand Uses Pirsonal’s Video Marketing Automation

When considering a video marketing automation software, it is key to understand how other multinational brands are using 1 to 1 communications to create fully personalized experiences to improve its customer journey experience.

Learn how a leading automotive brand uses Pirsonal’s video marketing automation software to increase customer loyalty and decrease after-sales cost with personalized videos.

Challenge: Enhancing the Customer Journey

Onboarding new customers is one of the most critical activities successful companies face every day. The customer journey represents every interaction with a person, product, or service within a company.

Delivering a customer-centric after-sales experience has become a priority for brands in several industries. In this case study, Pirsonal’s client is a leading European automotive group that finances and leases automobiles and motorcycles for retail and commercial customers.

Our client was facing a common challenge among financial services: an increase in customer support after-sales costs. Customers didn’t understand how much money they needed to pay for their vehicles every month, during what period of time and what options they had after this period of time. However, this challenge also brought an opportunity as customer experience is part of this brand’s DNA.

As pointed out in IDC’s Online Marketing Survey, customer loyalty is the top priority for marketing executives, as it has a direct impact in the companies’ revenue, which frequently starts with the customer lifetime value that works.

Customer loyalty is marketing executives' top priority

Customer loyalty have become a top priority for marketing executives according to ICD’s survey.

Results: Pirsonal’s Video Marketing Automation Software Delivers a 20% Increase of After Sales Customer Journey Engagement

Marketers leverage interactive video marketing to deliver a customer-centric after-sales experience. Now, this brand visually explains financial terms according to each customer’s specific contract conditions.

This helps new customers to clearly understand what their next steps are, thanks to Pirsonal’s video marketing automation software, which automatically creates a personalized video for each new customer, along with personalized landing pages and dynamic in-video calls to action.

At the same time, it improves the brand-customer relationship during the customer journey, which translates into more engaged clients during a longer period of time.

Download the Case Study Now and Learn More About Pirsonal’s Video Marketing Automation Software

Read the full customer journey case study to learn how the financial services division from this car brand gets a 20% increase in after-sales experience engagement with Pirsonal’s video marketing automation software and personalized videos.


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