Unleash the power of personalized interactive videos in your sales funnels

“They work like magic.” That’s what Nick Tubis, CMO at TSD Global, believes online sales funnels do. In an article for Forbes, he points out that such funnels have been gaining a lot of traction among entrepreneurs, marketers and salespeople, and have the power to drive traffic to your website “where you can strategically capture leads through a squeeze page, generate sales, identify dream buyers and upsell your customers”.

Similarly, R L Adams, who wears many hats including being the founder of WanderlustWorker.com, insists in a post on Enterprenuer.com, “While odd sounding at first, this single core concept (of sales funnels) can take a business from virtually non-existent and unknown to multi-million-dollar marketing machine with mass saturation, seemingly overnight.”

Sounds too good to be true? Well, not if you have something genuinely valuable to offer, and you offer it using a tool that is not only highly effective but also has the potential to evoke a response from your customers. Yes, we are talking about personalized interactive videos.

Let’s look at the various touchpoints in a sales funnel, and see how you can unleash the power of personalized interactive videos to convert your website visitor from a ‘maybe interested’ to a ‘definitely interested’. For this, we will reference the excellent article from The Savvy Community that talks about steps to create authentic sales funnels.

“Provide a valuable piece of free content that doesn’t require them to opt-in.”

Here you have a free checklist that will help you create a personalized video strategy from scratch, even if it is your first time with this type of highly effective marketing – also make sure to listen to this podcast episode to learn the skill to create these videos. No opt-in required :-p.

Here, you could use engaging videos that layout your value proposition or USP. But you could also go one step further by personalizing them based on factors such as the user’s IP address/ location, time of the day, the weather outside, etc.

“Ask the reader to give you their email address in exchange for another valuable and relevant piece of free content.”

Direct Bookings: How To Use Personalized Video to Drive More Direct Clients

This is where your videos could have basic interactivity — a simple form that asks for the email id or phone number, while also clearly explaining how this information will or will not be used (remember, we are now in the post-GDPR era).

GDPR Stats

“Offer them a low-priced introductory product that provides them with a quick win and gets them used to buying from you (your gateway offer).”

Videos will certainly be more effective here than just text and images.

“Present a solution to them that solves one specific problem (your core offer).”

Pirsonal: Personalized Video Platforms

Here too, we can’t think of a better alternative to personalized interactive videos that talk about your core offer and also smartly leverage the personal info already collected from the customer.

“Scale your business and grow your revenue.”

Personalized Video App for Marketing

Regularly updated personalized interactive videos can keep your customers engaged and interested in continuing to give their business to you.

Creating a top sales funnel strategy should be every marketer’s priority. Once you understand the whole process, you’ll see how effective sales funnels are and how adding customized videos to your funnels makes the difference. Check this guide by Peter Keszegh about how to create a top sales funnel strategy.

So, no matter what your sales funnel looks like, you can be certain that adding personalized interactive videos to the mix will deliver a far better yield. Check out our case studies on how major brands are leveraging Pirsonal in their marketing campaigns. Or ask for a demo.

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