Best Video Marketing Strategies for Real Estate & Personalized Marketing

Using video in real estate marketing is one of the best strategies to engage with potential home buyers and sellers. Properties are tangible products, after all. This is why, for many years, realtors have focused their efforts on social media videos. Also, property listing videos have been a successful SEO booster.

However, the real estate industry faces fierce competition. At the same time, potential clients are saturated and more mature. Personalized marketing has become the norm among marketers across every industry. As they require higher levels of engagement, realtors need to adapt the way they do marketing online with video.

Because of this, video marketing strategies need a better approach in 2022. Personalized and interactive videos are becoming key elements of successful marketing strategies for real estate because viewer engagement increases. Potential clients, hence, not only watch the videos but also take action.

In this article, I’ll share some of the best creative video marketing strategies for real estate to make your audience react. From video, automation to boost video marketing and SEO, to marketing automation funnels with video.

I’ll go over examples to make your brand stand out, book more meetings with leads and accelerate sales with interactive video and video personalization at scale. Let’s see a few real estate marketing ideas and examples to use video as a remedy for marketing fatigue.

Traditional Ways to Use Video in Real Estate Marketing

Through the years, real estate businesses have used video to target potential clients online. Digital marketing strategies with video were mainly focused on social media channels and advertising.

Video content helps online buyers understand complex information even before visiting a property. This explains why videos deliver higher click-through rates than other types of content.

Personalized Video Marketing delivers a 164% CTR

There are a number of traditional ways to use video in real estate marketing. Many are really effective in creating a solid strategy. One of the most popular is to create a tour of the property. This can help potential buyers get a sense of the layout and features of the home.

Another common use is to advertise special events, such as open houses or auctions. It can also be used to announce new listings or price reductions.

Marketers Need a Remedy for Marketing Fatigue in Video Marketing

As consumers, we are constantly barraged with marketing messages. From TV commercials to social media video ads, it seems like we can’t escape marketing. This constant exposure to marketing can lead your audience to marketing fatigue. Of course, they become overwhelmed and irritated by the constant stream of marketing messages.

Some people argue that marketers are the root of the problem and that they need to tone down their tactics. The benefits of video marketing for realtors are many. Most professionals, in spite of, don’t see a direct ROI because of the lack of segmentation and weak marketing tactics.

However, one-to-one messages and video are a remedy for marketing fatigue. By creating clever and engaging video marketing campaigns, marketers can create useful videos their audience needs.

Let’s see how.

Using Interactive Videos to Help Viewers Take Action

Real estate businesses now realize that they need to generate leads and sales from their videos in order to be successful. Hence, they need to produce quality videos that are interesting. Video marketers need engaging content that keeps viewers watching until the end.

But is this enough? Finding the best video marketing strategies for real estate has a lot to do with paying attention to how your audience process information.

As digital audiences mature, video marketers understand that it is not. This is why interactive videos have become so important in digital real estate marketing. Interactive videos help potential buyers to understand the information faster.

Interactive video content is more engaging for consumers than other types of video content. In a study, 43% of consumers said that they prefer interactive video content over other types of video content. This is because interactive video content allows the viewer to control the experience.

With interactive videos, users connect with the content in a way that is more personal and engaging. More engaging video material can help agents sell houses. They are a great remedy for marketing fatigue.

Give Leads Resources to Choose Their Own Path and Increase Sales Engagement Sooner

Interactive Video with Options to Choose Viewer's Path

With interactive video software, viewers can explore more options. This technology provides video menus and navigation elements that allow users to choose their own path. This is critical, especially in the digital customer journey. It keeps customers engaged and improves the overall customer experience in real estate marketing.

With a content marketing strategy, you get in the way of online leads looking for help. The choose-your-own-path video type is a great fit for your inbound marketing strategy. Leads share data about themselves in exchange for valuable information from your brand.

Email is one of the most saturated marketing channels. However, you can still create solid marketing tactics to increase opening rates and click-through rates (CTR) with video.

This is how it works: Through strategic lead generation forms and email marketing campaigns, you automatically profile leads. With this CRM data, you can automatically add in the videos the type of path that better matches the buyer’s persona.

Interactive Video with Personalization Fields

With a data-driven approach, you can tailor interactive video content to fit a specific person. This supports your strategy to increase marketing engagement and conversions. And when it comes to interactive videos, personalization is even more important.

With interactive videos with personalization, you ensure that each viewer sees highly relevant interactions. For this strategy to be effective, you need a sharp marketing segmentation strategy.

Thanks to automation, your marketing team doesn’t need to create these email campaigns and video combinations one by one. In 2022, this is one of the best video marketing strategies for real estate. Customers are better equipped to make a buying decision even before interacting with an agent.

Make Sales Funnel with One-to-one Interactive Videos to Book More Calls

Interactive Video Example for Real Estate Marketing

Interactive Video Example for Real Estate Marketing

One-to-one interactive videos are one of the most powerful tools in a real estate marketer’s toolkit. They’re personal, engaging, and can be used to book more calls. Now, thanks to marketing automation tools and integrations, it is really easy to add them to your sales funnel.

Here’s how it works: you send a potential customer a video that’s personalized to them. In the video, you introduce yourself and explain what you do. You also offer the potential customer a free consultation call in order to learn more about how your brand can help. The viewer can take action right from the video.

Since potential customers can see and hear you, they’re more likely to want to book a call with you. Interactive videos are also great for building trust and credibility.

Want a different approach and showcase the property instead of you in front of the camera? Still, you can add a call to action in the video with different ways to contact you right from the video.

Send Direct Mail Campaigns with Personalized URLs

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to forget the power of a personal touch. That’s why, despite the growing popularity of email and social media marketing, direct mail is still an incredibly effective way to reach customers. Technology makes it possible to apply personalized marketing strategies through tangible marketing material.

By sending a personalized direct mail campaign with a personalized URL to a landing page with a personalized video, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for your customers that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Take a look at the following sample. It shows a dynamic landing page. I’ve highlighted the personalized fields.

Dynamic Landing Page Example

Let’s take inspiration from other industries. This is how Mitsubishi got a more than 30% response rate from a direct mail campaign thanks to Pirsonal’s personalized video marketing software.

Mitsubishi Motor wanted to engage with 20,000 customers during the brand’s 100th anniversary in one particular market. Their goal was to increase brand awareness.

You can create these videos and landing pages in bulk. Often, the easiest way is using spreadsheets. Watch the following video to learn how to do this from our tool:

Also, since the communication with these customers was through direct mail, the company needed to improve the information available from each one of them. This will help them create digital campaigns with clear segmentation.

With this strategy, you can move offlines leads to a digital, trackable digital sales funnel.

If your end goal is to get more eyeballs, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are great. These platforms offer video landing pages. In contrast, if one of your goals is to make leads react, for example, to book a meeting with clients, then you need a different approach.

Personalized landing pages with your brand are better because viewers will not get distracted by other videos from your competitors. Moreover, you can personalize the content and experience for the particular viewer.

With Pirsonal Pages, you can automatically create dynamic landing pages for videos at scale. This offline and online approach combines the best of both worlds around one key tactic: segmentation.

Improve Customer Data with In-video Web Forms to Accelerate Sales

Interactive Video Example with a Web Form for Real Estate Marketing

Interactive Video Example with a Web Form

In many cases, playing a video is the second step after a micro-commitment. The first step could be opening a landing page, an email, or even a WhatsApp message.

Guess what?

In online marketing, micro-commitments help users to further commit and take action. They are a great marketing strategy, and you can also use them in your video strategy.

This is why embedding a web form in a video is such a great idea! In-video forms give you a unique opportunity to learn more about leads and customers.

Add this to your real estate marketing strategy with videos!

By including a form in your video, you can collect information from viewers. Use this information to gather more lead and client data.

Additionally, in-video forms can help you determine the effectiveness of your video content. If viewers fill out your form, it means they are engaged with your video and are likely to become customers.

Want to go the extra mile? Ask personalized, unique questions. Make sure to use a video marketing platform that makes this easy, which is crucial to help you succeed in your marketing.

With Pirsonal, you can automatically add personalized web forms to your videos and see the responses from your dashboard. With this information, you can know more about leads and customers to serve them better.

Improve SEO with Automated Videos to Scale Property Listing Video Production

The versatility of video content has seen a sharp uptick in recent years. In fact, video has become a powerful SEO booster when used smartly. More and more brands are beginning to realize the potential video has.

However, even with this growing recognition, video is still underutilized by many real estate businesses. One of the main reasons for this is the cost video production involves.

How can you improve SEO with video and scale video production? Use automated video production in real estate marketing. With video software to create videos automatically, you can quickly and easily create videos with the property listing information without moving a finger. Since these videos are made in the cloud with specialized personalized marketing software, you can do this at a fraction of the cost.

Personalized Video Template Example

Similar to personalized videos, automated videos are created from templates. These video templates have the structure for the dynamic content. This is the type of content you can add to an automated video:

  1. Video clips.
  2. Audio, including automated voices (text-to-speech, also known as TTS) or recorded by a human.
  3. Images.
  4. Text.
  5. With video software like Pirsonal, you can also automate effects, scenes, and more.

With this approach, video content becomes a strong branded marketing material. Real state agents don’t need to know about video editing.

There is a lot of untapped potential when you use video in your digital marketing strategy. Those who are able to capitalize on it will be at a major advantage. They’ll be able to create the best video marketing strategies for realtors with a focus on the individual buyer or seller.

Webinar Automation for Realtors

Webinar automation also helps you generate leads online. By automating the process of registering attendees and sending reminders, you make it easy for people to sign up. But more importantly, you record the content once, and use it over and over.

Best of all, webinar automation is affordable and easy to use. Now, even if you have an automated webinar, it doesn’t mean leads are going to come. Promote your webinar online by thinking about your buyer personas, their needs, and concerns.

Providing Value to Home Buyers Through Video

An effective marketing strategy with videos actively provides value to the viewer. No matter the type of video content you make, the sooner you provide value, the better.

There are many reasons to get your brand in front of potential home buyers as early as possible in their journey.

First, it helps to build trust. If buyers see your brand early on, they are more likely to trust you when it’s time to make the decision of buying a property from you.

Additionally, by establishing yourself as an authority in the market, your real estate branding improves.

Finally, getting in front of buyers early allows you to form a stronger relationship with them. This relationship will be beneficial down the road when it’s time to make a purchase.

What to Add in a Real Estate Marketing Video

There are a few key elements to keep in mind when creating a real estate marketing video. First, make sure to capture the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds.

You can do this by showing off the home’s features. If you want to go the extra mile and get better conversion rates, have different video versions ready. Create different video intros based on the buyer persona.

Also, record a short introduction of the real estate agent that highlights their value proposition.

Next, be sure to create a narrative that keeps the viewer engaged. In video marketing, teasers are really effective. When curiosity increases, video completion does it as well. This could include telling the story of how the home was found or highlighting its unique features.

And finally, be sure to wrap up the online video with a call to action. For instance, asking a potential client to contact the agent for more information.

Take advantage of the sensory potential of videos. Amplify the video content with these ideas:

  1. Introduce the property and its surroundings – this could be footage of the local area or a map showing its location.
  2. Shots of the property from different angles, inside and out.
  3. Interior shots of rooms and features.
  4. If there is a garden or outdoor area, show this off too!
  5. Finally, some aerial footage or drone shots can really add an extra wow factor to your video. This is becoming the standard.
  6. Show the neighborhood and other amenities nearby.

Beyond Buyer Personas to Create Personalized Messages

If you manage customer data strategically, go beyond buyer personas. This will give your organization a competitive advantage. After all, most companies can gather customer data. But the minority contextualizes this information to better engage with customers.

Why? Every client is different. Even two clients part of the same buyer persona can be totally different. At the end of the day, companies probably share the same type of information about these individuals. So, buyer personas could fall short.

Instead, use what I call augmented buyer personas. An augmented buyer persona is the profile of an individual comprised of all the interrelated information gathered about that individual provided by one or many data sources and the individual’s buyer persona.

Watch the following video to learn how to create highly relevant personalized messages:

An augmented buyer persona takes into consideration the individual’s particular context to create products, services, and marketing messages that fit the individual’s needs, objections, desires, and interests. To be effective, it must be aligned with the objectives set by the organization.

When a buyer persona is not enough

One of the primary marketing channels where you can apply this marketing technique is email marketing. But, in fact, any channel is appropriate. This is how this works: All you have to do is to keep track of customer data and make sure you contextualize that information in your marketing material.

This also includes your marketing videos. Through this approach, you don’t limit yourself to just displaying personalization tags in the video. Instead, you take the marketing individualization road to make the video content more relevant and appealing.

Tips and Ideas to Make Effective Videos for Real Estate Marketing

Clear Marketing KPIs for Realistic Video Goals

Before you can begin to market your real estate brand or your agents, you need to define your marketing goals and strategy. What do you want to achieve with your marketing efforts? What are your goals? How will you know if you’re successful? Once you have these answers, you can develop a plan of action that will help you achieve your KPIs.

Your marketing strategy should be tailored to your specific market and its unique needs. It should include both short-term and long-term goals, as well as detailed plans for how you will reach those goals. It’s important to be realistic in setting your targets and to make sure that your marketing strategy is achievable and affordable.

Choose What You Want Viewers to Do Next

Be clear about what you want your viewers to do next. If you want them to sign a book for an in-person meeting, call you, or explore more about the property, say so!

In addition, make sure your CTA is easy to spot and click on. Place it in a prominent location on the screen. Also, focus on one call to action at a time. If you show more than one, make sure they are all related to your main video goal.

Repurpose Your Existing Videos

On many occasions, real estate marketers have enough existing content to uplift their video strategy. If until now your videos have not performed as expected, there are a few things you can do to make them ROI-effective.

The majority of your competitors that make videos don’t use video calls to action. Also, many of them don’t squeeze the most out of the benefits of video marketing for one-to-one communications.

Repurpose your videos. If you want a reaction from your audience, you need to give them a clear next step. This is what CTAs in videos do. Remember, as a video marketer, you do not want passive viewers. You want viewers to take action and engage in the sales process with an agent.

Check out this complete guide about how to create effective video CTAs.

Create SEO-oriented articles around your videos. Focus on answering audience questions. This will help your blog posts and videos to rank on search engines like Google.

Also, if you have created long-format videos, use fragments and publish them on social media platforms.

Enrich Your CRM Customer Data to Increase Relevancy

There are many ways to enrich CRM customer data. As you’ve seen, with the right information you can create relevant messages. But, what are other ways to enrich your CRM data for personalization?

A simple way to enrich CRM data is by asking questions to contacts through email campaigns. To answer, all they have to do is to click on the answer. As they answer, they are automatically tagged. With this tags, you automatically profile contacts.

Watch the following video to learn a technique I’ve used over the years. You’ll learn how to automatically segment your sales and marketing contacts.

Step by Step Personalized Marketing Strategy

With one-to-one marketing marketers target contacts in unique ways. There are many types and sources of customer data. For instance, visit history, buyer’s interests, sales objections, and more.

In this video, you’ll learn how to create a marketing personalization plan:

Here are the baby steps to create a personalized marketing strategy to boost engagement:

  1. Define your business goals. This will determine every single detail from here.
  2. Study your customer database and target audience.
  3. Select the information you can use to create hyper-personalized messages.
  4. Define the distribution channels.
  5. Choose the necessary technical integrations to connect the data source with the personalization software.
  6. What will trigger the personalized messages?
  7. Create personalized messages.
  8. A/B test all the personalized messages and conversions.
  9. Measure all the results and iterate.

Conclusion: Use Personalized Marketing and Automation to Engage with Video

Real estate marketers should use video to increase engagement and sell more online. There are many benefits for realtors to adopt these strategies. For example, higher conversion rates, increased search engine rankings, improved customer service, and lower advertising costs.

The best video marketing strategies for real estate are not focused only on getting eyeballs. Modern video strategies allow a lot more. It’s more cost-effective and offers a higher ROI.

Remember, as marketers, we need more than views. We need customers that react to our messages, no matter the type of content. Use video in creative ways. Use marketing automation to do more at scale.

Empower your marketing and video content with segmentation. This segmentation will help you personalize your marketing and increase lead engagement. A higher level of engagement leads to better relationships and more sales.

By following these tips, brands can create videos that will help them reach their goals and grow their business.

Starting with personalized video marketing can be challenging. Not to worry. We are here to answer any questions and help you succeed. Contact us now!

Want to explore on your own? Request a free trial of the Pirsonal personalized marketing platform today!

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