How Personalized Videos Can Generate Positive Reviews For Your Business

The challenge for marketers is always to generate positive reviews by doing two things: firstly, delivering an experience which meets the needs of your customers, and secondly, to differentiate your business from the competition. If you are able to meet these criteria, not only will you be successful, you will start to pull away from the rest.

Tools to provide this point of difference are hard to come by because to provide that level of value, you need to provide custom experiences. The “same old”, one-size-fits-all, just doesn’t do the job. Especially with the level of interactivity that people are now accustomed to through fast-moving social media.

That’s where personalization comes into the picture

Personalization Statistics - Buyer Intent Increases by 78%

What if instead of presenting a generic video representing your product or service, your prospect was greeted by name in the video?

What if instead of simply seeing something similar to the product they were interested in, they saw exactly the product, destination, or experience that they are considering buying?

What if instead of a cold corporate video, they experienced something that gave them a warm and fuzzy feeling? A genuine emotion? Would that raise you up above your competitors?

Personalised video can reach your customers and prospects in exactly that way. That is when the “okay…” reaction turns into far stronger – the “awesome!” reaction. And that is what will bring in positive referrals and reviews, which will help you have more control over the customer journey.

Positive Reviews' Impact

Getting the idea? Once the positive reviews are triggered, a cascade of positive referrals can pour in and your brand’s reputation will be on the rise – that is what we call an uneven playing field, in your favor. For example, this is one of the reasons why being named top 10 martech startup because our personalized video platform means a lot.

You might ask, how is this implemented in practice. With a personalized video platform, each video can be delivered with custom text elements and even images, audios or other videos integrated into the actual video, automatically. Your viewers will be able to envision themselves experiencing the product, and having a positive experience with your brand. Not only that, but the actual calls to action are customized, bringing a new level of interaction and closeness between viewer and company.

Personalized Video Template Content

A buying funnel can be crafted with several levels of calls to action, and once the purchase has been made, a “thank you” video can be delivered, specially customized for the product or service and customer’s unique details. Simply add a call to leave a review – and watch the participation rates increase. Who could resist leaving a positive review after receiving such a particularly excellent and responsive experience?

Here you have a personalized video example tailored for the travel industry...

Actually, here you have a few more ideas of personalization in the travel industry from our podcast.

Snowball effect unlocked. We’re not saying that business is winner-takes-all, but advantages like these tend to accumulate and raise you up compared to the competition. Remember, it’s always about loyal customers.

Customer loyalty is marketing executives' top priority

At Pirsonal we deliver this kind of experience through a cloud-based personalized video platform. Make the move towards generating more positive reviews for your business today.

Increase After Sales Engagement By 20% With Personalized Videos

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