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Diversity. The universe out there is a grand mashup of people with unique wants and needs. This opens up a world of possibilities for marketers, but it also makes engaging with such a diverse audience a complex task. You can be sure that what is “awesomely great” for one person, may not even be “good enough” for the next person.

And this is true even if your target audience is rather well-defined — for example if you are a B2B marketer reaching out to specific clients in a particular industry. Here too, it will be an expensive mistake if you put everyone on your contact list into one bucket and blast them with a generic message, using some B2B marketing automation software. The returns in the form of clicks or conversions will be… simply pathetic.

Customer Engagement To Drive Loyal Clients

However, once you have defined your business goals, if you can empower your B2B marketing automation software with Pirsonal to created individualized videos, there is a high probability that you will see dramatic returns from your B2B marketing campaign.

And the reason is simple — videos are typically far more immersive and engaging than images and text. When further customized with client data, they can morph into powerful one-on-one interactions between the B2B marketer and the client.

Here you have a personalized video example:

Now, let’s take this Investopedia article as our starting point. It proposes that the segmentation of your clients generally features these three aspects:

  1. Homogeneous. Here, you club together your clients based on their common needs and create a set of videos that address those needs. But these videos go a crucial step beyond that. They also include enough personalization to resonate with each member of that common group. And instead of painstakingly crafting these videos, you can automate the process by feeding the Pirsonal platform with client data. For example, your custom videos could address each client by name, carry their picture, mention the company name or talk about previous purchases they made from you.
  2. Distinctive. Each client within the common needs group is also a unique entity. These differentiators could be anything from their age, their designation and department or tenure to the car they drive, the baseball team they root for, their persona and their interests. A B2B marketer can intelligently tap into such data to automatically create custom videos that account for the individual differences among their clients. Of course, care needs to be taken that the personalized videos do not come across as intrusive.
  3. Reaction. This one pertains to how your clients react to the custom videos. Some reactions will be predictable and common across the entire group, while other reactions might differ from client to client. Your marketing strategy could be to design the interactive elements, especially the call to action, to optimize on these reactions and perhaps even turn them into potential leads for the sales team. The Pirsonal platform makes it easy to add interactivity to your personalized videos and tracks the reaction from each of your clients.

Check out our case studies on how major brands are leveraging Pirsonal in their marketing campaigns. Or ask for a demo.

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