5 Benefits of Interactive Videos for B2B Sales Enablement

Videos for B2B sales enablement are something that every company should be embracing for a variety of reasons. One of the most impactful types of video marketing is an interactive video. Interactive video is defined as a digital video that prompts viewers to engage in the storytelling to make them react. Interactive video, as a B2B sales tool, has a lot of benefits that can work in your company’s favor.

For example, interactive videos work smoothly with any video, long or short form. From a 45 minutes webinar replay video to a short follow-up video to address the lead’ objections.

With nowadays’ marketing technology, you can do this at scale. I’ll tell you how later in this article.

With more businesses moving towards digital sales funnels, marketing and sales departments are working together to improve their sales cycle. One of the main goals sales enablement managers have is to create cost-effective, smooth processes that help their team sell more and faster.

One of the keys is that customers are expecting this type of approach. B2B customers want to be more independent in their decision-making process. They want to analyze different sources of information related to the problem you’ll solve with your product or service.

With more educated B2B buyers, marketing strategies are more aligned than ever with the way customers buy and the way the sales team sells. This smart approach is the same sales enablement peers are following.

Interactive videos offer significant benefits as part of your sales arsenal when selling to companies.

In this article, I’ll share some core advantages this type of video offers for your sales enablement strategies. You’ll also learn how to apply interactive video marketing in your business-to-business sales process. This will help you increase sales engagement, accelerate the sales cycle and improve customer experience (CX) in advance.

What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Videos For B2B Sales Enablement

1) Interactive Videos Help B2B Reps Increase Sales Engagement

Probably the most obvious benefit of an interactive videos for B2B sales enablement is an increased degree of engagement. Higher engagement translates into sales effectiveness. Potential customers pay more attention to the sales conversation in the buying process when they are exposed to relevant content.

With an interactive experience, your sales team can quickly and efficiently keep your customer’s attention intact. Because of this, the information they are sharing with B2B buyers can be more relevant.

For example, if you send an interactive video with a product demo, sales leads can easily decide what’s relevant to them. Depending on the interactive video technology you use, a sales rep can even track user behavior and use this data to plan their next step.

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Interactive videos also provide opportunities for increased user participation with sales collateral that adapts to their needs. With more user participation, you’ll see more sales interactions. These sales interactions will lead you to better conversion rates.

This is especially true with long sales processes. If your product or service requires a long period of time until the decision-makers buy, pay attention to this. Using interactive videos through the funnel will help B2B buyers have more opportunities to naturally interact with your organization.

2) Interactive Videos Help Generate Leads

A less obvious benefit an interactive video presents is the fact that it can serve as a lead generation tool. How? By simply asking potential buyers for more information. You do this by adding lead generation forms to videos.

Unlike traditional marketing channels, a successful interactive video can win over a prospect by providing them with all the information they may need about a product or service.

But here is the deal… Human connections are one of the main things that create robust B2B sales processes. Sales professionals do their best to talk to prospective buyers.

So, should you replace all your interactions with interactive videos? Chances are that you shouldn’t.

So, for example, if your product or service is a high ticket one, the personal touch is key to close more deals. With this, often you don’t want sales prospects to have access to all the information they need. You want them to talk to you.

A strong interactive video sales strategy can help you ask leads for more information with in-video forms. This information can help you know more about your customers. It can also help sales leaders know the lead’s buyer persona before talking to sales reps.

Let’s see how.

3) Interactive Videos Help You Segment Sales Lead in B2B Sales Processes

Use interactive videos for B2B sales enablement to ask key questions to sales leads. Now, every customer is totally different. You may a variety of buyer personas. Use personalization techniques to ask the right questions. With their responses, decision-makers put themselves in the right bucket. Isn’t it great? They do the sales segmentation for you.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that John Doe is a lead. Thanks to previous ebooks he has downloaded from one of your marketing landing pages he has already shared his position, his seniority level, and even the product he is interested in.

But you still don’t know what are his objections and concerns. Through an interactive video, you can ask him about this by embedding a web form in the video.

Now, let’s say that we have Luisa Doe, another sales lead. In this case, she hasn’t provided the position yet. You can use an interactive video to gather this information.

An interactive video player like Pirsonal Player does this smoothly. Pirsonal Player is an interactive video player with a focus on personalized marketing, marketing automation, and customer experience.

With thousands of integrations with sales tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, or even Google Sheets, it plays well with your sales enablement programs.

These processes can be fully automated thanks to video marketing technology and video marketing automation software like Pirsonal’s.

You can also go granular with micro-segmentation techniques. In the following video, Hugo from Enrich3 explains the difference between segmentation micro-segmentation.

4) Interactive Videos Help You Create Personalization Strategies that Improve Customer Experience

Experience shows that your sales audiences are saturated. Their inbox, phone and more are just collapsed with commercial messages. That’s a problem. This makes sales prospects to pay less attention to what you have to say. This is why personalization strategies can help you stand out from the crowd. With the right video tool, interactive videos help you deliver personalized messages that convert more.

As a sales or marketing professional, you’ve probably heard that video is one of the most important marketing tools. It’s the undisputed king of advertising.

And that’s no surprise!

It’s a largely untapped marketing channel that can help you communicate your message more effectively and engage with your audience more intimately. This is where video marketing personalization shines.

Interactive videos help with boosting sales for your company. We are clear on this.

If you’ve heard about personalized video marketing, chances are that you’ve also heard from big names out there that use personalized videos.

There are times when you don’t have the budget, time, or resources to create personalized videos. But still, you want to use personalization in your videos.

Why? Personalization in videos converts a lot better. Personalized videos are about 160% more efficient than generic videos for sales.

Cost-effective Way to Create Personalized Video to Connect with B2B Buyers

A successful sales enablement professional will always keep ROI as a priority. Is there an easy and ROI-effective way to add personalization to your sales enablement tools?

How about if you can add personalized calls-to-action to generic videos? That’s right, to the videos you already have of the videos your marketing team can easily create for you.

Watch the following video to learn more about interactive videos with personalization.

This means that you can improve the customer experience in advance. It means that you can create intentional CTAs that make your B2B buyers react.

Interactive video experiences can be personalized. With video automation tools, your sales reps instantly become content creators.

If you keep the personal touch, your B2B sales strategy will be more relevant to what you want from your leads and what they need. Do this in alignment with your sales funnel and customer journey. Relevancy is absolutely important.

When you’re using video for marketing, it’s critical to remember that videos need to be engaging to work best. This often means they need to be short, informative, and designed with your target audience in mind. Personalization and the right segmentation strategy facilitate this.

Create personalized interactive videos based on your customer relationship management (CRM) data. Videos tht adapt to the buyer experience.

As a B2B company, this means that you should consider using interactive video to market to your audience in a way that will make them more engaged. Deliver an outstanding customer experience before your leads buy and you’ll guarantee customer success.

5) Interactive Video Content Helps You Save Money In Sales Enablement Technology

A critical sales enablement function is to help the organization find efficient ways to do more with less. This is where technology comes in handy. But there is a problem… Depending on the size of your organization, using video personalization as part of your sales enablement technology can go over your budget.

Interactive videos provide a cost-effective way to feed your team’s pipeline with customer-centric relevant content. Using sales automation technologies, you can handle this automatically with CRM data.

If you use generic videos but add personalization to them through call-to-action layers through an interactive video player, the cost can go drastically down. Even if you deal with hundreds of thousands of leads, which is more in line with what marketing does.

Take a look at the following call-to-action with personalization example. As you can see, it uses textual and contextual information. This approach helps you improve customer experience.

Personalized call to action example with a personalized video

The reason for this is quite simple. Since you are not rendering real personalized video files, the production cost goes down.

This makes personalized interactive video a great sales enablement solution. Sales leaders can also save in enablement costs with online demos instead of physical demonstrations. Simply put, no flight expenses thanks to technology.

At the same time, this approach helps your sales managers and team be more responsive. For example, interactive video can be powered by dynamic information that adapts to every single B2B buyer.

This information is provided by your marketing automation tool, CRM, or even email marketing software. In the end, we are talking about customer data.

The Bottom Line: Interactive Videos Help Sales Enablement Managers Embrace Video Marketing

As a sales enablement professional, It has never been easier to help your team stay in touch with your customers than it is now. Personalized interactive videos for B2B sales enablement help your sales team to be close to your customers.

Video messages are an easy way to stay in touch with customers. Regardless of the type of video,  it can be quick, simple, and scalable without breaking the bank. Technology and automation make this possible.

Interactive videos are a way for your team to reach out to your customers and allow them to be part of their own story with your offering. Interactive videos are where the person viewing the video gets to choose what they want to see when they are watching the video. This means that you can tailor the video to the customer based on their interests.

Your team’s B2B sales process can become more agile, responsive, and scalable with interactive content that guides customers to the next stage of the buying journey.

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