5 Christmas Brand Video Ideas For Remote Teams

This Holiday season, video marketing will shine more than other years. With this in mind, I’ve chosen some video marketing best practices and ideas that remote teams can use to increase staff engagement. Plus, for sure your remote staff will have fun while producing any of these brand videos for Christmas and even New Year.

Reality check: We all need an extra dosis of happiness!

Christmas is the time of face to face interactions. Because of this, it’s time to create an effective video marketing strategy for your Holiday season video.

Joy to the remote world!

Video Stats To Understand Why A Christmas Brand Video Is More Relevant For Your Remote Team In 2020

Working from home has become the norm for millions of now remote workers in the US and around the globe. This has also impacted media consumption and just overall audience behavior.

For example, Nielsen recently released results from their Total Audience Report. In the report, they analyzed Q2 2020. The analysts saw that the pandemic triggered a stay-at-home policy for millions of workers that significantly impacted media consumption.

  • Nielsen’s Streaming Meter reported a sizable increase in streaming video usage in second quarter 2020.
  • Streaming video accounted for 25% of total television viewing minutes, up from 19% from fourth quarter 2019.
  • The cumulative weekly time spent with streaming video in second quarter was 142.5 billion minutes, an increase of nearly 75% from the 81.7 billion minutes during second quarter 2019.

At the same time, Accenture found that that most consumers said they plan to minimize in-store shopping to reduce health risks to essential workers and would like retailers to stay shut on Thanksgiving Day.

Did you know that Christmas videos are an opportunity to create cohesion in any remote team, regardless of size? Today, I’ll share 5 Christmas video marketing ideas. You still have time to make the holiday season a great bonding experience.

Let me share a few ideas to get the most out of this initiative, improve staff engagement, and help you increase brand buzz.

Christmas Video Marketing For Remote Teams

1) Collaborative Video

Make each and every team member part of the video production, even through collaborative videos. Here you have an exciting example:

This video reminds me of when with my previous startup we created one of the first collaborative music apps in the market.

It’s a play-safe approach. Plus, we all love music. This is a great opportunity to also share the video with family members, friends, and pretty much every Linkedin connection.

2) Parody Video

This other video uses humor, in a very corporate environment that can be serious and even boring like the investment world. You’ll find an example here:

3) Viral Video

Want to go big? Check what WestJet did a few years ago… Check this one:

The WestJet Christmas Miracle video is a great example that combines PR, social media buzz, even some kind of guerilla marketing, and well-crafted professional video production.

This video has more than 49,407,961 views.

This is one is “close” a “guerilla marketing” experience.

Fast forward three months and, with the help of 175 WestJet volunteers, three airports, and Santa himself, we made a Christmas miracle happen for more than 250 guests on two Calgary-bound flights.

4) Fun Team Video

If you have a small team, want to keep it warm, classy, and fun, you should check this video example now:

Out of curiosity, I went ahead and checked this agency’s other YouTube channel videos and found that they had created any Christmas videos over the years.

This agency has less than a thousand YouTube subscribers, so I am tempted to believe that the views they have on their videos are mostly organic. Here you have another one:

5) Customized And Personalized Video

If you want to play safe and still get a “wow effect”, you can also make personalized videos. Check the following personalized video example:

Personalized videos can be created automatically. All you need is a spreadsheet, a CRM, web form or any other structured data source. Most organizations use spreadsheets.

The following video shows how to make personalized videos using spreadsheets (CSV, XLS):

If you want to improve customer experience, invite your leads and customers to make their own video in a totally personalized or customized way. For example, you can ask them to fill out a web form, and when they fill in the web form, a personalized or custom video is created automatically and sent by email.

Check this other video to make personalized videos with dynamic calls-to-action and personalized landing pages using Google Sheets and Zapier. The same exact process can be applied to web forms, CRMS or marketing automation tools.

That simple.

Many corporate cultures have been updated because of the impact remote working has on them. For many, this is the first time working from home. The first “remote” Christmas.

The same concept applies to associates, contractors, freelancers, or other people that add value to your organization in one or another way.

How is your HR and marketing teams going to help them have a great experience from home?

Christmas videos are not just a marketing asset. This holiday season videos can be a celebration.

Christmas helps me stop and remember. Enjoy. Share.

This is what even corporate or brand Christmas videos should also achieve.

A corporate celebration video can involve many people in your organization. This, in turn, will impact the personal network of each individual.

The results will go much further and will become a branding activity, that started with staff engagement.

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