Accelerate Sales and Increase Engagement with Individualized Videos

What is Pirsonal?

Pirsonal is the innovative Individualized Video Marketing Platform that helps you evoke a reaction from your segmented audience. Say “Hello” to sales acceleration and customer engagement.


Built for your success

A Higher Closing Rate

Achieve higher closing rates by using Pirsonal’s Individualized Video Marketing Platform to target new or existing customers with relevant and tailored offers that convert faster. Reduce subscriber churn by identifying customer usage patterns and delivering the right message at the right time.

More Revenue Per Customer

Timely individualized video messages attract individualized audiences and increase average spend. Encourage retention, satisfaction and loyalty by using Individualized Videos in coupons, special product placements and new service marketing campaigns.

A Better Customer Experience

Delight every customer by creating strong relationships that differentiate your brand from your competitor’s. Decrease customer support costs and churn by creating individualized videos that help customers understand complex information.

Vitaldent: The World’s Largest Dental Network

“We practically doubled our events attendance ratios by integrating individualized videos within our marketing messages.”


Individualized Video Marketing Platform

More than 700 integrations

Pirsonal integrates with the tools you already use for your marketing. Automatically create an individualized video for every lead you capture on your landing page with Hubspot or Unbounce. Send the video by email with Salesforce or Mailchimp, or even by SMS with Twilio or Beepsend. No matter what marketing software you use, we´ve got your back with more than 700 integrations and counting.
Personalized Videos Integrations with Pirsonal
Personalized Video Performance Analysis

Individualized Video Player

Pirsonal Player helps you interact with every individual in a personal way, on any screen. Pirsonal’s HTML5 individualized video player delivers personalized Call to Actions for every specific lead or customer, automatically. Pirsonal’s video player can also be embedded on any website.

Attention-driven video landing pages

Pirsonal automatically creates an individualized landing page for every lead. Create an even more engaging experience for each individual by also embeding any third-party tool on the individualized video landing page: from web forms to live chats.
Personalized Video Landing Pages
Personalized Video Analytics

Real time data

Track not only views but also engagement ratios with Pirsonal Analytics and Google Analytics. Know the specific behavior of your customers when they see each individualized video and create triggers based on their reaction.

Accelerate sales. Increase engagement.