Data-Driven & Secure: How Pirsonal’s Platform Empowers EU Businesses with Secure Video Personalization

Imagine you’re Amelia, a seasoned marketing leader at a prominent insurance company in the UK. Competition is fierce, and customer acquisition costs are rising. Engagement with traditional [...]

8 Top Platforms For Knowledge Base Software To Improve Customer Service

A knowledge base (KB) is one of the most important factors for improving the efficiency of a company and how it serves its clients. In a digitalized world, it is a must-have to facilitate [...]

Easy Steps to Learn How To Launch A Product To Market

Creating a new product can be exciting. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a digital service, a SaaS tool, or a wholesaler product, the creative process is stimulating. However, to [...]

7 Elements Required for a Strong Brand

A strong brand is something that customers immediately recognize. It should instill a sense of positivity in customers and instill a sense of trust. A strong brand should also be clear, focused, [...]

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A little help for NGOs in Spain

Covid-19 is destroying thousands of lives worldwide. In addition to the health impact, we are talking about an emotional, psychological and financial crisis for millions of people. Not fun. In [...]