Data-Driven & Secure: How Pirsonal’s Platform Empowers EU Businesses with Secure Video Personalization

Imagine you’re Amelia, a seasoned marketing leader at a prominent insurance company in the UK. Competition is fierce, and customer acquisition costs are rising.

Engagement with traditional marketing tactics is dwindling. You need a breakthrough—a way to connect with customers on a deeper level and stand out from the crowd.

Enter the world of personalized video.

The concept is captivating: creating unique video experiences for each customer, addressing them by name, highlighting relevant benefits, and fostering a stronger connection.

Here is an example:

Amelia sees the potential, but the path forward seems daunting. Technical complexities, data security concerns, and the lack of in-house expertise all pose significant challenges.

This is where Pirsonal steps in, not just as personalized video software, but as a trusted partner on Amelia’s customer engagement journey.

Pirsonal’s platform offers the tools and functionalities to securely make data-driven videos for customers at scale. At the same time, our Professional Services team provides the guidance and support Amelia needs to navigate the uncharted territory.

Let’s see how.

The First Steps: Understanding Needs and Goals

Amelia reaches out to Pirsonal, intrigued by our SaaS and enterprise personalized video solutions.

First, our CEO, JosĂ­as De La Espada, takes the time to understand where she and her team want to get with personalized video engagement.

JosĂ­as De La Espada, CEO at Pirsonal

JosĂ­as De La Espada, CEO at Pirsonal

Josías has 10+ years of experience in video personalization strategies and has helped teams in various industries—including insurance, financial services, hospitality, and agencies— effectively engage with contacts through personalized videos at scale.

His expertise covers all aspects related to strategic planning, execution, and performance optimization for personalized video programs.

JosĂ­as doesn’t launch into a sales pitch.

Instead, he listens intently as Amelia describes her goals, frustrations, and concerns.

At Pirsonal, we understand that most teams are first-timers when it comes to personalized video creation. This brings about many uncertainties, but they can be greatly reduced when we provide guidance tailored to their specific needs.

He understands that successful personalized video implementation requires a deep dive into the specific needs of the organization and their expected destination in terms of goals, KPIs, and supporting metrics.

Amelia is determined to boost the number of insurance policy renewals. Through internal research, they have discovered that their members perceive insurance policy information and other related aspects as overly intricate.

Moreover, as numerous insurance brands emphasize discounts, they acknowledge the need to enhance the customer experience with personalization to foster loyalty and maximize lifetime value (LTV).

Through a series of collaborative discussions, JosĂ­as and Amelia explore various use cases for personalized video within the insurance company to improve customer retention and the overall experience.

For instance, renewal reminders, late payment reminders, policy explanations, and targeted upselling campaigns all emerge as potential areas for significant impact.

JosĂ­as educates Amelia on the different functionalities of Pirsonal’s platform, addressing her concerns about data security.

ISO 27001 Compliant Personalized Video Creation

Infographic showing the difference between an exclusive infrastructure vs. a SaaS one for personalized video creation

Pirsonal offers custom servers for personalized video creation and SaaS

One of Amelia’s primary concerns is related to data protection. In addition to local regulations, data protection is crucial for building customer trust.

Amelia is well aware of the significance that the Legal and Compliance departments hold within her organization in terms of this matter, especially when it comes to approving vendors.

JosĂ­as informs Amelia about Pirsonal’s ISO 27001 certification, a globally recognized standard that serves as evidence of Pirsonal’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding customer data.

This certification holds particular importance for Amelia, given that their insurance brand operates within the stringent data privacy regulations of the EU.

Pirsonal Achieves International Security Standard UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2017

Pirsonal’s International Security Standard UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2017

Pirsonal offers clients the option to have their account, assets, databases, and software located in either the EU or the US, providing Amelia with peace of mind and simplifying the vendor approval process, as her organization also adheres to the ISO 27001 certification.

Building the Personalized Video Dream Team

Cross-functional marketing teams are more profitable

Cross-functional marketing teams are more profitable

With a clear vision in mind, Amelia assembles a team within the insurance company. There’s Sarah, a creative mind from the marketing department, and Michael, a data analyst with a knack for automation.

JosĂ­as and the team from Pirsonal becomes an extension of Amelia’s team, offering guidance and support throughout the process.

Engaging with customers through data-driven videos often requires seamless collaboration among various departments.

Pirsonal’s Professional Service complements clients’ teams in the different areas relevant to their projects, ranging from strategy and creativity to technical, automation, and operational expertise.

Pirsonal Takes Care of the Technical Hurdles

Amelia was also concerned about the technical complexity of video personalization, but Pirsonal promptly alleviated her worries.

Some of her questions are:

Who will be responsible for hosting the videos?
How quickly will the videos be available to customers?
Can we display our brand name in the landing page URLs?

Pirsonal’s software takes care of all the technical aspects of video creation, including rendering, transcoding, and format conversions.

Additionally, Pirsonal hosts data-driven videos, allowing organizations to avoid involving their IT team, ensuring a faster go-to-market, and offering brand customization to keep the focus on their brand.

This frees up Amelia’s team to focus on what they do best: crafting compelling video content and developing strategic campaigns to drive customer engagement.

Scalability for Growth

Personalized Videos by Pirsonal

Example of video personalization at scale

Scalability is another key consideration for Amelia. Even when her team wants to start with a pilot engaging with 30,000 members through 6 months, the insurance company has a large customer base, and the personalized video program needs to handle increasing volumes seamlessly.

Thankfully, Pirsonal video personalization platform is built for scalability.

It can handle both small and large video volumes, adapting to the insurance company’s specific dynamic needs, as Amelia is already getting peers from other departments on board to have a bigger impact on the same audience throughout the customer journey.

Integration Powerhouse: Pirsonal Plays Well with Others

Infographic showing insurance renewal process thanks to personalized videos by Pirsonal

Improved customer experience and faster policy renewal with personalized videos

The insurance company already uses a marketing automation platform (MAP) to manage customer interactions.

However, Amelia prefers to start with spreadsheets, as this would allow her data analyst to easily gather a set of contacts without needing further assistance from other teams within the organization.

This will enable her team, or even Pirsonal’s team, to create campaigns by leveraging spreadsheets at their own pace through their Pirsonal account.

At the same time, Amelia is looking to avoid introducing a siloed system for personalized video, and this is where Pirsonal excels.

Pirsonal seamlessly integrates with leading MAPs and CRMs, allowing Amelia to effortlessly incorporate personalized video into her existing workflows, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

Additionally, Pirsonal offers an API, enabling the insurance company to seamlessly integrate video engagement across various interactions and communication platforms beyond the pilot stage.

The Creative Canvas: Tailoring Videos for Maximum Impact

Video Editing Software To Create Personalized Video Templates

With the technical foundation laid, it’s time for Sarah, the creative mind, to step in. She doesn’t have experience with personalization at scale, but is happy to receive guidance and tips from Pirsonal.

As JosĂ­as often emphasizes:

Creating data-driven videos is not simply about the fact that it can be done automatically. What truly matters is capturing the viewer’s attention, engaging with them, and encouraging them to take the desired action.

This demands strategy and depth beyond just visual appeal.

Besides adding dynamic text to videos, Sarah wants to add dynamic images and video clips to adapt the video to specific buyer personas. Since Pirsonal offers full video personalization, Sarah’s expectations are met.

Personalized Video Template Content

She can personalize various types of content in the videos, such as voice, text, image, video, and more.

However, with tight schedules and other demanding obligations, Sarah lacks the capacity to learn new tools or strategies.

Fortunately, Pirsonal handles the template creation process, allowing the team to utilize the assets developed by Sarah.

If in the future Sarah or other colleagues want to continue on their own.

Pirsonal’s platform includes video tools to create templates for video automation on any browser, allowing Sarah to create video templates without needing expertise in complex video editing software.

JosĂ­as is readily available to offer suggestions and best practices for video personalization.

He explains how to leverage dynamic text, images, and video clips to create truly unique experiences for each customer.

AI Integration: Adding an Extra Layer of Personalization

The insurance company is exploring the potential of AI to further personalize their video messages. Pirsonal welcomes this exploration. The platform allows for the integration of AI-generated content.

Imagine a personalized video that uses AI voices to dynamically say the name of the policyholder. This level of personalization could significantly enhance engagement and drive results.

Data-Driven Decisions: Measuring Success

Pirsonal Intelligence: Interactive Video Player for Personalized Videos

As the personalized video program rolls out, Amelia and her team leverage Pirsonal’s “Intelligence” analytics suite.

It is a simplified dashboard that helps them quickly understand the impact their engagement strategy is having and what to do next. Metrics such as completion rates, click-through rates, and geolocation.

Also, with monthly or quarterly consulting sessions with Pirsonal’s team based on a Customer Success plan, Amelia and her team get expert feedback and recommended next steps based on their specific goals, KPIs, and metrics.

This approach helps them make relevant changes to continue increasing engagement conversions.

Beyond Software: A Holistic Approach

What truly sets Pirsonal apart is our commitment to going beyond simply providing software. JosĂ­as and the Professional Services team become Amelia’s trusted partners.

We provide continuous strategic advice and support to help Amelia’s team improve their strategy and video production process, solve any problems, and establish best practices for long-term success.

The Results Speak for Themselves

The personalized video program, a collaborative effort between Amelia’s team and Pirsonal, is a resounding success.

Engagement rates soar, customer satisfaction increases, and the insurance company experiences a significant boost in policy renewals.

Amelia, once grappling with a daunting challenge, is now a champion of personalized video marketing, and Pirsonal is recognized as a trusted partner in her success story.

Is Pirsonal Right for Your Team and Organization?

This is Amelia’s story, but it could be yours. If you’re a marketing leader, account executive, or CTO looking to unlock the power of personalized video, Pirsonal can be your guide.

Here’s how Pirsonal can empower your organization:

  • Effortless Automation: Focus on creative development and strategic initiatives while Pirsonal takes care of the technical heavy lifting. Or simply let us know where you need the most assistance.
  • Seamless Video Hosting: Eliminate the need for complex video hosting solutions and ensure compliance with data residency regulations.
  • Unmatched Security: Benefit from ISO 27001-certified security, giving you peace of mind for handling sensitive customer data, particularly within the EU.
  • Integration Powerhouse: Integrate seamlessly with leading marketing automation platforms to streamline your workflows.
  • Speed Champion: Deliver personalized videos in seconds, ensuring a smooth operation and eliminating delays.
  • Interactive Video Player: Engage your audience with a responsive and mobile-friendly interactive video player that allows you to add personalized CTAs and track viewer analytics.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Optimize your campaigns for maximum impact with Pirsonal’s insightful analytics, and get expert insights and an action plan from Pirsonal’s team.
  • Multi-Account Management: Manage multiple personalized video programs for different teams or clients within your organization with ease.
  • Dynamic Landing Pages: Generate personalized landing pages for each video without needing design expertise.
  • Real Video Creation: Deliver true downloadable video content that can be hosted by Pirsonal or on your own servers.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the support of Pirsonal’s Professional Services team throughout your entire personalized video journey.
  • Scalability for Any Volume: Handle small or large video volumes with confidence, Pirsonal scales to meet your needs.
  • Creative Flexibility: Create video templates using any design tool, Pirsonal’s managed service takes care of your custom templates for the platform or use our tools to create your own.
  • Robust Video Personalization API: Personalize videos programmatically with Pirsonal’s powerful and easy-to-use API.
  • AI Content Integration: Take personalization to the next level by integrating AI-generated content within your videos.
    Start Your Personalized Video Journey Today

The world of personalized video is brimming with possibilities.

Pirsonal can be your trusted partner, guiding you through every step of the process. Contact Pirsonal today to schedule a demo and explore how personalized video can transform your customer engagement strategy.

Beyond Amelia’s Story: Addressing Your Specific Concerns

While Amelia’s journey represents a successful implementation of personalized video with Pirsonal’s support, you might have specific concerns that require further explanation.

Let’s delve deeper into some of the common questions Pirsonal encounters from marketing leaders, account executives, and CTOs:

1. Data Security and Privacy: Are My Customer’s Data Safe?

Data security is paramount, especially for organizations in Europe and those handling sensitive customer data.

At Pirsonal we understand this completely. As an ISO 27001-certified company, Pirsonal adheres to the strictest information security standards.

Independent third-party audits keep us compliant for both our video software and Professional Services.

Additionally, Pirsonal offers regional video hosting, custom video rendering environments, and more, allowing you to comply with data residency regulations (e.g., keeping EU customer data within the EU).

2. Getting Started: Do I Need Extensive Video Editing Experience?

No prior video editing experience is necessary! Pirsonal’s is not a feature-loaded platform, plus our Professional Services and support teams are here to assist you based on a Customer Success Plan.

Your creative team or agency can design the assets using any design tool, even user-friendly online options like Canva. Alternatively, our Professional Services team can handle this based on our framework.

Pirsonal Editor and Pirsonal Script, accessible through any web browser, empower both you and Pirsonal’s Pro Services team (depending on your chosen service level) to create and manage video templates.

Dynamic Landing Page

Dynamic landing page by Pirsonal’s video personalization software

Furthermore, Pirsonal automatically generates a landing page for each video and offers integrations with third-party systems.

Despite the fact that many companies prefer creating videos using spreadsheets.

3. Scaling Up: Can Pirsonal Handle Large Video Volumes?

Absolutely. Pirsonal is built for scalability. The platform can handle personalized video creation in batches or as part of automated workflows, adapting to your specific needs.

Whether you have a small or large audience, Pirsonal can empower you to create and deliver personalized videos efficiently.

4. In-House Expertise: Do I Need a Dedicated Personalized Video Team?

You don’t necessarily need a dedicated team. Pirsonal offers include a range of integrated services across all plans, as well as customizable options tailored to your specific requirements.

For organizations that value guidance and support, Pirsonal’s Professional Services team becomes an extension of your team, providing expertise throughout the entire process.

This includes developing a Customer Success Plan tailored to your goals, creating video templates, and assisting with campaign optimization.

For organizations with existing video production capabilities, Pirsonal offers a self-service model with all the necessary tools and functionalities, while still offering ongoing assistance.

5. The Investment: How Much Does Pirsonal Cost?

Pirsonal offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets. The cost depends on factors such as the number of minutes of videos you plan to create, the level of analytics required, available tools, and the desired level of assistance from Pirsonal’s Professional Services team.

Contact Pirsonal today for a customized quote and to discuss the best plan for your organization.

The Personalized Video Revolution Starts Now

The world of marketing and customer experience is constantly evolving. Personalized video offers a powerful way to break through the digital noise and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Pirsonal, with our flexible platform, commitment to data security, and expert guidance, can be your trusted partner on this exciting journey.

Ready to unlock the potential of personalized video? Contact Pirsonal today to schedule a demo and explore how Pirsonal can help you achieve increased engagement with your audience.

Screenshot of year-in-review personalized video