Workshop in Madrid: Hotel Marketing and Marketing Personalization

Clients are tired of hotels not being relevant to their needs, contexts, and priorities. This has a huge impact on your hotel marketing strategy, on your conversions and on each of the messages you send, either online or at the hotel front desk.

This is why we decided to create this free and practical hotel marketing and marketing personalization workshop, tailored for hotel marketing, e-commerce, CRM, sales and guest experience managers. This first free marketing workshop will take place in Madrid on February 28th, 2019.

In this free practical workshop on personalized hotel marketing you will learn:

  1. What is personalized marketing?
  2. How hotel marketing should be personalized (automatically or not) to improve your direct sales, upselling and engagement conversions.
  3. How to apply it to the specific context of your hotel in a practical way: techniques, ideas, and tools.

In a fun way, we will create group dynamics and exercises that will help you to think creatively how to take advantage of the information available about each client to create strategies, messages and automated marketing flows that help you increase the benefit per customer (upselling and cross-selling), accelerate your sales and activate customers of the loyalty program of your hotel. Of course, we will also take a deep look at personalized video marketing strategies for the hospitality industry.

Don’t miss this opportunity or find other personalized marketing and marketing automation events near you! Join our team and learn more about hotel marketing and marketing personalization applied to the hospitality industry.

Eventbrite - Marketing hotelero personalizado - Un taller práctico

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