Micro-segmentation Basics And Personalized Marketing During Times Of Change

In marketing, a microsegment or micro-segmentation is a more advanced form of market segmentation that groups a number of customers of the business into specific segments based on various factors including behavioral predictions. I’ve talked about marketing segmentation before and its role when creating a personalized video marketing strategy that works.

Through micro-segmentation, brands can get granular when interacting with individuals within specific audiences. In the current climate, it’s more important than ever to create a marketing that talks to the individual, rather than to the audience.

Marketing has finally become a conversation. It’s about personal connections between your organization and your audience, on a 1-to-1 basis.

The marketing ecosystem has drastically changed. And now, thanks to the global COVID climate, even more.

It has a lot to do with the fact that all of us, as consumers, leads and users, constantly evolve. This forces technology companies to create marketing tools, methodologies, and strategies that follow the same rhythm or that even go the extra mile by analyzing the needs that specific buyer personas have and presenting the right message at the right time. But not only these marketing tools and paths are forced to evolve. Every organization out there needs to either adjust, go one step ahead or die when trying to engage with consumers.

How can you create and retain customers during and after a crisis like the current one? Your role as a marketer hasn’t changed. It’s to create and retain customers by adopting unique strategies to keep the market, and its individuals, engaged.

This is why you can’t miss this webinar with Hugo Hamel from Enrich3, a personalized marketing agency. Hugo will help us understand the basics of micro-segmentation to create a successful personalized marketing program that makes each individual react.

You’ll learn…
  • What is micro-segmentation and how to apply it
  • How customer behavior impacts the customer’s journey
  • Practical tips to start with personalized marketing in the current climate

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