Doubts about a personalized video app you should clarify

It is easier to make videos these days due to the availability of high-quality cameras and versatile smartphones. If you use the latter, you would be glad to know that you can maximize the experience of making videos—even while on the go—with a personalized video app that can be scaled to your unique filming requirements.

For most agencies and organizations, personalized video marketing is something new. Understanding how video personalization works is key to successfully choosing software for your next video automation campaign.

The app can be an excellent investment for a business that has specific video marketing requirements, especially when dealing with marketing automation. If you are thinking of getting a personalized video app, you might come across a few doubts and misconceptions about it, all of which you should clarify to understand how it will work for you. Here are some of those doubts:

“You do not need it.”

Why get an app when you can simply point and shoot your camera or smartphone at your intended subject? That is one of the common misconceptions associated with making personalized videos. However, if you want to produce a higher-quality video that will appeal to your target audience by targeting their specific needs powered by your own data, you will need a specialized personalized video app that can automatically create individualized clips to evoke the exact reaction you want from your viewers. This gets easier thanks to personalized video templates. Moreover, better videos mean better conversion rates and engagement, and higher sales.

“It is only for the top, successful companies.”

A high-quality personalized video app is scalable to help you make individualized videos that can help you connect with your intended audience. Full cloud processing and rendering come with the app for a secure, quick, and dependable way to produce better content that will help increase conversions. At Pirsonal we make personalized video accessible and cost-effective.

“Views are limited.”

A good personalized video app will allow you and your target audience to watch your dynamic content on any browser or device. The app handles all the encoding and transcoding to ensure viewing flexibility. Moreover, it allows you to create and run videos in any resolution or format to be distributed, downloaded, or published based on the needs of your business. Personalized videos and video personalization campaigns are not about views. What matters is to deliver targeted messages to specific individuals, audiences of one.

“Personalized videos are expensive.”

On average, the cost per personalized video is between 0,03 USD and 0,99 USD depending on the characteristics required by the client. This means that personalized videos can be quite accessible. At the same time, with interactive videos with HTML personalization, the price can go drastically down depending on your needs. Start your free trial of Pirsonal today!

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