Customer journey case study (PDF): after-sales customer engagement

How a leading financial services and automotive brand increased after-sales engagement by 20% during the customer journey with personalized videos

Marketers leverage Pirsonal to deliver a customer-centric after-sales experience while visually explaining financial terms according to each customer’s specific contract conditions.

A great customer journey starts with an amazing experience powered by Pirsonal’s personalized videos

The Financial Services Division for a leading European automotive brand finances and leases the group’s automobiles and motorcycles for retail and commercial customers. With a portfolio of more than four million lease and credit financing contracts, it’s essential that each customer clearly understands the financial and practical terms that are specific to each customer’s contract.

Customer loyalty is a top priority for this financial services brand as it has a direct impact on the customer lifetime value (LTV), which translates into more revenue. With this in mind, this group realized how using personalized videos in their customer journey helps them improve customer experience (CX) with personalized marketing communications and email marketing automation.

Post-sales customer journey success: Partnering with Pirsonal to deliver personalized videos at the beginning of the customer journey

This leading financial services company’s objective was clear:

  • Decrease the overall after-sales support and increasing the loyalty rate as customer repurchase frequency increases.
  • As part of their customer journey efforts, the company has made customer experience its mission.

In order to make this happen, Pirsonal’s personalized video platform needed to:

  • Support our partner agency to help them build a robust integration with Pirsonal’s proprietary personalized videos API for an automated, smooth workflow, following the client’s requirements.
  • Provide performance analysis for a constant campaign follow-up and execution according to the strict brand guideline, timeline, and strategy.
  • Deliver and host hundreds of individualized videos and multimedia assets on a weekly basis, including personalized interactive video player with custom call to actions to engage with new customers during the onboarding process.
  • Maintain brand consistency across several personalized templates and embedded personalized interactive video player.
embedded personalized interactive video player

Embedded Personalized Interactive Video Player

Multimedia Personalization API

Custom Integration within Partner’s platform

Individualized Videos Based on CRM Data

Full Personalization: Audio, Video, Image, Text

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