Expert Tips for Secure Personalized Video Creation: Build Trust with Enhanced Security

Personalized video creation stands out as a powerful tool for engaging audiences. However, with this innovation comes the responsibility to uphold stringent data protection and security measures to foster customer trust and enhance brand credibility.

Marketing, legal, and compliance teams often have valid concerns regarding the safety of sensitive information within these personalized videos, seeking to build trust and brand credibility among customers and stakeholders.

To alleviate these worries and ensure a seamless personalized video program that engenders trust within your audience, we’ve created a list with the top practical tips and recommendations to launch a secure personalized video program within your organization.

These practical best practices will simultaneously assist you in determining the specific requests to make from a personalized video vendor.

Building Trust Through Safe Personalized Video: A Catalyst for Enhanced Engagement

In the dynamic landscape of personalized video creation, establishing trust is crucial for creating stronger connections and encouraging meaningful engagement with your audience.

In the personalized video showcased above, the HR team aims to effectively engage with employees, providing detailed explanations about benefits and compensation plans.

It is of utmost importance for these employees to have absolute confidence in the proper handling and security of their personal data throughout the entire process.

Otherwise, these employees won’t even watch the personalized videos.

Trust, which is strengthened by strong data protection measures, plays a crucial role in driving brands toward long-term success in their video personalization endeavors.

Strong security and data protection procedures for your personalized video program provide three key benefits.

Benefit 1: Trust Enhances Engagement

51% of marketing leaders believe that the top benefit of personalization in marketing is delivering a superior customer experience (source: Ascend2)

Personalization in marketing has a key benefit: improving customer experience.

The pivotal element in any personalized video strategy is the establishment of a strong bond with your audience through unique experiences.

Embracing stringent data protection and security measures not only safeguards sensitive information but also communicates a fundamental commitment to the privacy and well-being of your audience.

When individuals feel confident that their data is secure and handled responsibly, they’re more inclined to engage deeply with personalized content.

The assurance of their information being safeguarded builds a sense of trust that encourages them to interact, share, and actively participate in the interactive video experience crafted specifically for them.

Benefit 2: Data Protection as a Trust Enabler

In today’s complex digital era, where personalization reigns supreme, the prudent protection of customer data becomes an emblem of reliability and integrity.

By prioritizing data protection within personalized video creation, brands signal their dedication to ethical practices and respect for their audience’s privacy.

This commitment not only cultivates trust but also elevates brand credibility, establishing a robust foundation for enduring relationships with customers and stakeholders.

It’s the assurance of confidentiality, the guarantee of secure handling of sensitive information, and the promise of respecting privacy boundaries that nurture a profound trust between brands and their audience.

Benefit 3: Trust Yields Loyalty and Advocacy

When trust is nurtured through meticulous data protection practices like the ones shared in this article, it yields invaluable dividends in the form of customer loyalty and advocacy.

Satisfied and reassured by a brand’s commitment to their security and privacy, individuals become advocates, sharing their positive experiences and encouraging others to engage with the brand’s personalized video content.

This advocacy, driven by trust, amplifies engagement organically, as recommendations from trusted sources carry substantial weight.

It initiates a virtuous cycle where trust breeds engagement, and engagement, in turn, solidifies trust, creating a symbiotic relationship that fortifies brand-consumer connections.

In essence, within the realm of secure personalized video creation, data protection serves as the bedrock upon which trust is established.

The assurance of secure handling of information becomes the catalyst that propels heightened engagement, loyalty, and advocacy among the audience, ultimately contributing to the long-term success and growth of brands.

15 Best Practices for Security in Personalized Video Creation Programs

These tips aim not only to fortify security but also to instill customer trust and bolster brand credibility through secure personalized video creation.

Ultimately, this results in a greater level of engagement with your audience, while also speeding up the implementation of this program within your organization.

#1 Exclusive Infrastructure for Data Segregation:

Complete adherence to all corporate requirements or local laws necessitates exclusive infrastructure. Requesting a personalized video vendor to provide a custom, sole-use infrastructure ensures your data remains isolated, meeting the highest standards.

Infographic showing the difference between an exclusive infrastructure vs. a SaaS one for personalized video creation

Custom servers for personalized video creation Vs. SaaS

For instance, in healthcare, a hospital might require a segregated infrastructure for patient-specific personalized videos, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations.

This is why Pirsonal offers tailored solutions where clients have dedicated servers for their databases, dynamic landing pages, dashboards, interactive video players, and cloud video personalization rendering. Pirsonal also offers SaaS personalized video solutions tailored for general purposes.

Dynamic Landing Page

Dynamic landing page by Pirsonal’s video personalization software

Also, in some cases, this includes custom security SSL certificates, which allow the organization to adapt the personalized video platform to its compliance needs.

By doing this, your organization not only has full control over data but also can access faster video rendering speed.

Case Study
A private welfare-to-work provider based in the UK required compliance with corporate and governmental regulations for data transfer.

It was essential that all data, including databases, rendering servers, and landing pages, be securely hosted within the UK.

To assist them in effectively engaging with their employees through personalized videos while ensuring compliance with their data processing requirements, Pirsonal offered a comprehensive platform hosted entirely on servers located in the UK.

#2 Self-Hosting and Controlled Deletion:

Hosting personalized videos on your platforms, such as Amazon S3 or Azure, grants enhanced control over data policies.

For example, in the financial sector, banks have the option to self-host personalized videos. This gives them the power to have control over video deletion after a campaign is finished or keep the video hosted for as long as necessary, all while following industry-specific regulations.

Pirsonal enables clients to host videos in their preferred cloud environments, allowing for data deletion from our internal hosting once stored externally.

With this feature, your organization will have complete control over the automatically generated individual video files.

Case Study
A popular soccer brand maximizes its reach and revenue through Pirsonal’s automated video editing and distribution solution.

By creating soccer match summaries, they effectively connect with soccer fans and optimize their advertising revenues.

With the seamless integration of Pirsonal’s API and S3, they effortlessly host and distribute automated video files across various media platforms.

#3 Metadata Control and URL Anonymization:

Concerned about metadata within videos? What about the URL of the videos?

Choose video personalization vendor tools that automatically delete or modify identifiable information like the metadata generated when a video is created or something as important as the video URLs.

Some personalized video software vendors use sensitive data in the video’s URL because this is the information used in the videos. However, at Pirsonal we do not agree with this approach as it exposes sensitive data.

For instance, in insurance, anonymizing customer data within videos ensures compliance with strict privacy laws.

This is why we use anonymized IDs in the video URLs. Also, Pirsonal’s API facilitates the deletion of sensitive information directly from our platform or users can perform this from the dashboard, ensuring compliance with strict regulations, such as those in the insurance sector.

Infographic showing insurance renewal process thanks to personalized videos by Pirsonal

Improved customer experience and faster policy renewal with personalized videos

Case Study
A well-established insurance brand in Europe has partnered with Pirsonal’s cutting-edge platform.

This strategic collaboration aims to actively engage insurance customers, inspiring them to renew their policies and ultimately driving significant growth in customer engagement and revenue.

Leveraging Pirsonal’s unrivaled flexibility, this brand has seamlessly integrated its CRM with Pirsonal. This integration allows them to personalize videos based on selected customer data, thus empowering them to communicate effectively and directly with their valued customers.

#4 Anonymized File Handling:

Choosing a vendor that automatically anonymizes file names, just like their URLs when needed, adds a layer of security.

Personalized Video Template Content

For example, in healthcare, anonymizing patient details within video file names ensures confidentiality. Downloading a video file does not include any sensitive information in its metadata, therefore it cannot be traced back to any individual.

Pirsonal automatically alters file names and generates URLs devoid of sensitive data, offering heightened confidentiality.

On top of this, there are different layers to identify the content. We manage this through IDs and secrets as shown in the image below.

Summary of security layers for personalized video software and content creation

#5. Customized Metadata Fields:

To further fortify security, avoid adding email or any other contact information to the video metadata. Instead, use anonymized IDs that only make sense within your CRM or marketing tool.

By doing so, the personalized video software vendor will not have any access to this sensitive information. As a result, they will have no way of tracing the video back to the customer for whom it was created.

This practice enhances security while preserving operational information.

Most personalized video links are shared with customers by email. Therefore, in platforms like Pirsonal, optionally the contact’s email is part of the internal video metadata. This metadata is not available to the end user, but only to the platform user.

Personalized Email Example with a Personalized Video

Example of personalized email with data-driven video

With our personalized video creation platform, you can add many custom metadata fields to accommodate your needs.

Case Study
An electrical company wanted to communicate with investors. However, their Security team had concerns about using Pirsonal’s video IDs because of their policies.

By using Pirsonal’s tools and metadata option, the company was able to store the videos on their own S3 bucket and update the video IDs automatically, meeting their internal policies.

#6 Secure File Storage Options:

Storing sensitive static media files internally rather than relying on the personalized video vendor’s storage infrastructure can be in some cases a critical security measure.

Pirsonal acknowledges the importance of this approach, especially in industries like Media Production where safeguarding copyright-protected content is paramount.

Personalized Video Template Content

Personalized videos are automatically created using dynamic and static media content

This approach not only aligns with strict security standards but also empowers Media Production entities to maintain control over their intellectual property, reducing potential risks associated with external storage.

The same principle applies when organizations require the files stored locally. They have the option of either accessing or requesting a Zip file containing the numerous videos generated in bulk.

Case Study
One of the top hearing aid brands in the world took a bold step in enhancing sales partner comprehension of their exceptional performance and benefits.

They opted to create personalized videos, tailored specifically for their partners. Instead of utilizing Pirsonal’s offered video hosting and personalized landing pages, they requested a Zip file containing all the videos.

This, in turn, allowed them to manage the content according to their unique workflow. Pirsonal’s Professional Services promptly delivered the requested files, enabling the seamless sharing of this valuable content in alignment with their specific requirements.

#7 Flexible Landing Page Options:

Many corporate brands prefer to display the videos within their intranets and portals. For example, HR Portals to communicate with employees and show benefits, or user dashboards.

Therefore, securely embedding data-driven videos within patient portals, dashboards or similar password-protected pages enhances engagement without compromising compliance.

Interactive Video with Options to Choose Viewer's Path

Pirsonal not only creates dynamic landing pages, but it also offers seamless integration with existing portals or intranets. This is achieved through Pirsonal’s interactive video player or by granting secure access to the generated video. With Pirsonal, you can experience the perfect balance between flexibility and security.

Case Study
A reputable financial services company has chosen to partner with Pirsonal to effectively onboard new customers and provide them with a clear understanding of the financial terms outlined in their contracts.

While Pirsonal Pages, our dynamic landing pages, weren’t initially aligned with their brand requirements, they have successfully utilized Pirsonal Player, our interactive video player, to seamlessly integrate the data-driven videos into their content management system (CMS).

#8 Compatibility with External Video Players:

Utilize video files compatible with various external players. For instance, in direct-to-consumer industries, compatibility ensures seamless integration into proprietary platforms while maintaining security standards.

Pirsonal’s scalable video file creation allows seamless integration with external video players, accommodating diverse organizational preferences.

#9 One-Time-Passcodes (OTP) for Access Security:

Infographic explaining the concept of one-time passcode (OTP)

Definition of OTP or One-Time Passcode.

Implement OTPs for account access security. For instance, in insurance, using OTPs safeguards sensitive customer information within the personalized video platform.

Pirsonal has the option to activate OTPs for our personalized video platform.

This adds extra security by sending a secure code to the user’s email, ensuring that only users with access to the email can log in.

#10 Multi-Account Functionality:

Leverage multi-account functionality to segregate data within teams.

For instance, a global organization or agency managing different clients. Separate accounts for different departments maintain data confidentiality while enabling collaboration.

Utilize multi-account functionality provided by Pirsonal to ensure autonomous access and data segregation within teams under the same contract.

#11 Compliance with International Standards:

Partner with GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001-certified vendors. For example, in financial services, aligning with ISO-certified vendors ensures adherence to global security standards.

Pirsonal Achieves International Security Standard UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2017

Pirsonal Achieves International Security Standard UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2017

This will also accelerate the selection and procurement process when choosing a personalized video vendor.

For instance, Pirsonal is a European, GDPR-compliant, and ISO 27001-certified software and service. Apart from giving peace of mind to our clients, it also speeds up contractual steps.

#12 Mandatory SSL Encryption:

Enforce SSL usage for all hosted files, ensuring stringent encryption and secure transmission of data, a practice rigorously followed by Pirsonal.

For instance, all media files need to use a valid SSL certificate. Pirsonal’s platform won’t process any video with media files that don’t use what we have identified as a valid SSL certificate.

#13 Custom Automation Workflow:

Every day more organizations are relying on tools like Zapier, Make, and similar platforms to swiftly integrate video personalization within their workflows.

While Zapier is a popular tool among our Clients for integrating personalized video creation into their marketing automation workflows, we understand that some organizations prefer a more direct connection with our software.

Marketing Automation Example for Real Estate Marketing with Personalized Videos

Use marketing automation and personalized videos to engage with real estate leads

We recognize the importance of data sovereignty and eliminating third-party layers.

That’s why at Pirsonal, we offer an intuitive JSON-RPC API, along with convenient options for creating videos using spreadsheets and custom integrations. We believe in empowering organizations to choose the solution that best fits their needs.

#14 Responsive Partnership:

Engage with partners like Pirsonal, known for our attentiveness and responsiveness in accommodating client-specific needs and concerns.

Case Study
A top-tier provider of real estate and related services in the US faced the urgent task of launching a personalized video program in sync with a nationwide campaign.

To deliver an exceptional experience, the company needed a seamless integration with their system, empowering sales partners to effortlessly craft data-driven videos that would captivate prospects and clients.

With Pirsonal’s exceptional responsiveness and adaptability, the company not only successfully launched this groundbreaking initiative on schedule, but it also witnessed an outstanding internal response from sales partners who enthusiastically created videos to engage with their valuable leads and loyal customers.

#15 Custom Domain Name for Personalized Landing Pages:

In services that require user action, such as online payments, instilling trust in users is crucial, and a key aspect of this is ensuring that your brand is represented effectively in the URLs of videos or personalized landing pages.

That’s why using branded URLs for dynamic videos, such as, is of utmost importance.

With Pirsonal, your organization has the opportunity to request a custom subdomain or domain, and when you opt for a custom domain, you’ll also have the ability to provide your SSL for enhanced security and increased trust.

In conclusion

By implementing these recommendations, organizations can confidently leverage personalized video creation to engage audiences while ensuring data protection and compliance with the highest standards.

Pirsonal stands as a reliable partner, offering tailored solutions and a commitment to security, enabling brands to navigate the personalized video landscape with confidence and peace of mind.

Let’s talk about how Pirsonal can help you implement a secure personalized video program for your organization.

Thumbnail of personalized video explaining mortagePersonalized video thumbnail that captures the essence of emotional connections.