All that glitters is not gold for Hotels on Digital Content

Hotels are not new to Instagram. This guest article by Pattterns is an introduction to Instagram for Hotels as a marketing tool.

His hands began to sweat an ocean. He moved his head from one person to another reaching for allies, but even his better options were looking at their own papers, not wanting to pick a side. All the executive committee of the hotel had questions. Legitimate questions. And each one could kill his career in the brand.

30 minutes before the meeting, Frank’s team was proud to deliver a keynote presentation with top-notch content polished for weeks. Frank worked extra hours with them giving vision and expertise to the new Digital Content Strategy plan. But this little splinter in his mind that didn’t let him sleep now has become a tingling. He entered the meeting room with confidence and introduced everyone the new plan.

In Pattterns, we have observed that most hotels make critic decisions based on intuition and past experiences. There is an obsession with the most viral publications, campaigns, and influencers of the industry. When it comes to extrapolation, using Instagram for hotels effectively, who gives guarantees?

-Nice job with the presentation, Frank, but I have some
questions for you- said Burns, CFO of the brand.
Which is the ROI of this Instagram strategy for our hotels? How could all this push online
reservations? How can we measure attribution? How could…
-Yeah! And first of all, what part of this will make us
different from any other hotel? This trend is what every competitor is doing now or is about to do- interrupted McLure, the GM.

Frank’s tingling is now a cold drop of sweat in the back of his neck.

The underlining and essential question is: What’s the foundation of your strategy?

In Frank’s opinion, there’s nothing that could prove wrong his plan, but for the committee that is not enough. Are you relying on something solid or just intuition? Increasing Content Strategy budgets need bigger assurances. We are in the era of information, we need to make data-driven decisions.

It’s been two weeks since the meeting, and Frank has no answers yet. The new deadline is in five days. He overlooked his Social Media and web analytics dashboards. It only gives him a cold feeling, but not a clue about where is the heat coming from. Every statistic seems now superficial when he thinks about creating something new to confront the committee. Their questions are continuously tolling in his head, formulating new ones.

What if I could identify variables, trends, and behaviors? What if I could trace down our potential guest digital journey? What if I could transform all our data into tactical evidence?

Sure, turning Data Analysis and User Behaviour Analysis into easy visual information will help us make decisions and discover new opportunities, but that’s something that goes beyond the traditional industry analysis and superficial rankings of the competition.

We’re Pattterns, a creative research team located in Spain. We’ve been more than 6 years creating digital content for international brands at agencies, and for a long time, we have seen how many companies invest in Digital Content having only superficial knowledge about their digital competition landscape. That is why we came together as a dedicated team with the purpose of going deeper. After a lot of experimentation, we pride ourselves on developing unique and professional reports based on Content Mining and Data Science.

We want to introduce to you ‘Instagram for Hotels’. Thousands of Instagram pictures published by hotels analyzed with Image Data Science. Build your Content Strategy based on the most extensive and powerful research on Instagram of the U.S. Hotel Sector. Let’s change how we see Business Intelligence. Improve today with data.

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