An Upcoming Report: GDPR And The Impact Of Marketing Individualization On The Hotel, Travel and Leisure Industries

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It seems obvious, but it is not. They are not the same. Your audiences are constantly changing. They demand a unique approach according to their needs, experience and even budget. At least this is what data and our experience show.

A few months ago the world as we know it changed for a lot of hotel marketing, e-commerce, and CRM managers. By interacting with them we learned that several of them are still in shock because of the implications GDPR brings to their business. I remember a conversation I had with the digital marketing manager from a known hotel chain that told me that the following day after our conversation the chain board was going to decide if they would start their database from zero or if they would make the necessary changes to comply with the GDPR. That’s not a trivial decision at all!

A few months ago I had another conversation with the digital manager for another known firm that stated that they didn’t really know what their email marketing conversions were. I’m not sure about your current situation, but I’m pretty sure you can agree with me on something: this is crazy!

These conversations triggered something in my mind. We then decided to learn more about the implications of a market shift like the GDPR has had for the Hotel Industry. At a glance, we thought this was actually a unique opportunity for hotels to embrace engagement and create solid, creative strategies that result in a direct impact on revenue in the short, mid and long-term, and also to focus on audiences of one regardless of the number of people you have in your databases.

Report cover: Pirsonal - GDPR and the impact of marketing individualization on hotel, travel and leisure industries

Because of this, we decided to commission a report to an external firm, which we will publish shortly (digital), although we have already begun distributing it in an event that we sponsored a few months ago: Hotel & Spa Tech Live, where I also had the opportunity to talk about how to boost direct hotel sales and loyalty with personalized video marketing. It will help you see the opportunities, some challenges and approaches to successfully navigate through these new, warm waters. Helping companies like yours understand this topic is actually vital to our business.

Josías De La Espada at Hotel & Spa Tech Live Sponsored by Pirsonal

Why? Pirsonal makes hospitality’s marketing communications relevant to the individual to accelerate sales and increase engagement. We provide a state of the art personalized video marketing platform that helps hotels evoke a reaction from audiences of one, automatically. Named in the Top 10 Martech Startups 2018, Pirsonal is a trusted personalized video marketing partner to enterprise brands and SMBs, combining the power of multimedia personalization and marketing automation.

We strongly believe that consumers require relevant marketing communications that make them react. Personal data plays an important role in the hospitality, travel, and leisure industry as larger volumes of personal data from guests are processed. This also represents a huge opportunity.


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