Marketing Automation fundamentals: get your site elements right to attract customers

With the range of new marketing automation tools and platforms available, marketing can seem like a complex jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes, it’s important to go back to basics – in this case, the fundamentals of your website.

Let me ask you… How do you know if you’ve got things right with your marketing automation and site strategy? Do the pieces fit together to maximize conversions?

Communicating Your Brand

Your product or service is a brand that should tell a story and make a connection with your prospect. Especially now. More than ever we are able to create, manage and target segmented audiences and not just marketing strategies based on what sticks to the wall. Everything present on the site should work together to serve that purpose effectively.

Here are some elements to consider when creating a coherent communication, content and marketing strategy between your brand and your site:

Graphic and visual choices

Graphic and visual choices (including fonts, design, images, and video) that are balanced, clear, and have a style congruent with your target audience’s expectations. Those expectations are key – visitors have an established mental picture of what a credible and successful website looks like for different market verticals. If your site varies too much from such a framework, you could be reducing your effectiveness, which also means reducing your conversions.

A clear and cohesive navigation structure and framework

You should map out some of the pathways that you wish to take visitors along, and then track actual visitor experience, to see how real users are interacting with your site. Are you succeeding in drawing them into a deeper interaction and ultimately, sales and other conversions? The way your site is designed will have a big impact.

There are several ways and tools to address this, covering:

  • Web Analytics and Event-Tracking Tools
  • Heat mapping and Click-Tracking Tools
  • A/B and Split Testing Tools
  • Visual Feedback Tools
  • MockUp and Wireframing Tools

But guess what is even more important than choosing the right tool, structure, and framework?

I hope you were right.

Start by defining your business goals. We see this all the time with some of our clients and inbound leads when considering personalized video marketing. Your business goals are the only thing that matters, as this will define all the other elements of your website, marketing automation strategy, inbound marketing, and even your outbound efforts.

Inspired by this, this episode from our Reaction Podcast by Pirsonal will help you understand why and the things that need to be ready before you even talk to your agency, in-house team or even to our Professional Services team. The same concept can be applied to any marketing discipline, not only to personalized video marketing.

Content that makes them react

Awesome content might go without saying, but you need to have relevant and authoritative content which will inform and build relationships with your prospects. Give them value that will stand even if they never become a customer, and you will earn trust.

Fitting into Your Total Marketing Strategy

Your website may be your single biggest online property for making sales, but it is just part of your ecosystem, along with your social media channels, secondary sites, and email marketing. Make sure that all of these feed into each other in a structured way. You should know exactly how you plan to bring people from, say your Facebook page to a landing or sales page and make the conversion.

Making Best Use of Marketing Automation Software

Gone are the days of standalone websites. Your site will need to integrate with automation software in order to connect with your email marketing, social media and so on. Which brings us to the final part of the puzzle:


With the gathering of user data and automation of the delivery of your marketing message, comes the biggest opportunity for marketing in the current era: personalization.

Delivering messages customized to your visitors’ stage in the buyers’ journey, their expressed interests, and preferences, and other segmentation can dramatically benefit your conversion rates. The Pirsonal platform stands firmly in this space, bringing to you the industry’s leading personalized video capability, with a huge and growing number of available integrations.

Personalization Statistics - Buyer Intent Increases by 78%

What are your key conversion elements? What things and/or strategies are not working? If you are interested in knowing more about how to use personalized video marketing to attract more customers faster, let’s talk.

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