Pirsonal: Championing Security and Compliance in Personalized Video Creation

In the ever-evolving realm of marketing, personalized video content emerges as a supreme engagement tool, offering an unparalleled connection with audiences.

However, as marketing professionals delve into this innovative strategy, confidence in data security and adherence to regulations become paramount concerns.

Enter Pirsonal, not just a partner in elevating audience engagement but a stalwart advocate of rigorous security measures and strict compliance standards in personalized video creation.

Unraveling Personalized Video Marketing

The essence of personalized video marketing lies in tailoring video content to suit individual viewers, crafting a bespoke experience.

By leveraging customer data and insights, this strategy delivers relevant and precisely targeted messages, ensuring heightened engagement and conversion rates.

For instance, through personalized video creation, an organization can boost employee engagement.

How? It can explain benefits and compensation plans to employees, just like in the example shared above.

Its dynamic nature allows brands to forge deeper connections with their audience, nurturing trust and fostering loyalty. In fact, our data shows that personalized videos are about 116% more effective than generic videos.

Personalized videos are 116% more effective than generic videos (source: Pirsonal)

Personalized videos perform better than generic videos in 1:1 marketing

However, to comprehend legal and compliance aspects regarding personalized video creation, it is vital to grasp the utilization of the data employed in generating these videos as well as other data-driven interactive tools.

Understanding Input and Output Data in Personalized Videos

In the realm of personalized video content, a world of tailored experiences is crafted using specific types of input and output data.

Much like how personalized emails or targeted advertisements use individual data to create more relevant messages, personalized videos rely on distinct sets of information to curate unique viewing experiences for each individual.

Personalized video marketing uses input data to create unique video content for individuals, as shown in the video above with dynamic text and audio.

For illustration, this is how the data flows. In the infographic, you can see the automation and data process that takes place when an insurance company needs to engage with customers to help them renew their policies.

Infographic showing insurance renewal process thanks to personalized videos by Pirsonal

Improved customer experience and faster policy renewal with personalized videos

The insurance company can use personalized videos to increase the effectiveness of these interactions and make the content and information easy to understand.

This requires using customer data for different pieces of content, including data-driven videos, landing pages, and interactivity.

This content can be dynamic and static.

Personalized Video Template Content

Dynamic content is unique for each viewer, while static content is reused and often part of a template.

This input data comes in various forms:
  1. Text and Multimedia Content: This includes text, images, videos, and audio files that form the basis of the personalized video. These elements are combined to create a unique video experience for each viewer. For instance, if a company wants to personalize a video message for a customer, they might use the customer’s name, specific product images, or tailored messages relevant to their purchase history.
  2. Content Hosting: The multimedia content used in these videos can be stored on platforms like Pirsonal or sourced from other web locations. The content must come from sources with valid SSL certificates. An SSL certificate ensures that the data transmitted between a user’s browser and the server is encrypted, making it secure from potential interception by unauthorized parties.
  3. Interactive Elements: When using Pirsonal’s interactive video player, the video might also include data-driven interactive elements like calls-to-action. These elements can change based on the viewer’s preferences or behavior, making the video more engaging and relevant. Similarly, Pirsonal Pages utilizes input data to create dynamic video landing pages.
  4. Metadata for Customer Insights: Optional behind-the-scenes metadata provides additional information for the creators or marketers. This might include contact information or optional data used for marketing automation workflows. It helps in understanding viewer preferences and behaviors, allowing for more targeted and effective personalized content in the future.
The output is the final result that users can see and that is only available to the organization.
Dynamic Video Ad Content
This output data also comes in various forms:
  1. Metadata Visible to Viewers: This includes information that the viewer sees, such as an anonymized video ID or file name if they are allowed to download the dynamic video. Anonymization helps protect user privacy while still providing necessary identification for accessing or interacting with the video and storing individualized analytics.
  2. Metadata Not Visible to Viewers: This includes information such as analytics or contact information that is only available to the personalized video platform’s allowed users.
  3. Video Files: Once the personalized video is created, the output data includes the actual video files themselves. These files are tailored specifically for each viewer, incorporating the personalized elements based on the input data provided.
  4. Interactive video player and dynamic landing pages: Optionally, viewers can interact with the video through a data-driven interactive video player and dynamic landing page.

Significance of Compliance for Data-Driven Videos

Personalization of video content relies heavily on collecting and analyzing user data to tailor experiences.

This data often includes sensitive information about preferences, behavior, and demographics.

For example, in the following video, a mortgage service or lender contacts a customer named Alex to share sensitive information about his retirement and pension statement in a visual and attractive way.

Therefore, ensuring robust data protection measures safeguards this valuable information from unauthorized access, breaches, or misuse.

When users have confidence in the security of their data, they feel more inclined to interact with personalized video content.

This not only enhances the user experience but also encourages the exploration of innovative strategies for engaging with your target audience.

This is why compliance with data protection regulations like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) isn’t just a legal obligation but a cornerstone of ethical business practices.

Adhering to these regulations demonstrates a commitment to respecting user privacy rights, enhancing transparency, and gaining user trust.

This trust is crucial for sustained engagement and fosters a long-term relationship between brands and their audiences.

Therefore, data protection and compliance aren’t just about avoiding penalties or legal repercussions. They also contribute to fostering audience engagement.

By establishing a framework where data is collected ethically and used responsibly, organizations can leverage this information effectively to create more refined and targeted personalized video content.

This promotes creativity and innovation while maintaining respect for user privacy.

Additionally, a data breach or non-compliance can severely damage a brand’s reputation.

In today’s interconnected world, news of a security breach or mishandling of user data spreads rapidly, leading to loss of credibility and customer loyalty.

On the contrary, a reputation for robust data protection practices can be a competitive advantage, attracting users who prioritize their privacy and highly value a superior experience.

Bridging Video Personalization and Compliance

For leaders across various sectors (marketing, HR, CX, communications, insurance, banking, among others) venturing into personalized video creation, navigating the space between innovation and aligning with regulations presents challenges.

This is what I’ve seen over the last 10 years, and since 2017 with Pirsonal.

In fact, Pirsonal ensures a smooth integration of creativity and compliance.

I understand that the idea of using personalized videos for the first time may seem intimidating.

However, the good news is that it’s not all that different from other types of one-on-one messages and interactions that your organization already carries out.

Imagine the well-established practice of personalized emails or tailored landing pages—foundations of modern marketing strategies.

Just as safeguarding customer data in those instances is critical, personalized video content demands equally or even better stringent data protection and compliance standards.

This is why Pirsonal, an ISO 27001-certified personalized video partner, provides this level of assurance through internationally recognized standards, audited by third-party firms.

Critical Elements of Pirsonal’s Approach

Pirsonal ensures data ownership throughout the process. We do this with a combination of human-powered protocols and technology.

Here is how:

  • Data Ownership: Pirsonal guarantees that client data remains under their control, aligning with internal policies and regulations.
  • Adaptability: Offering a spectrum of solutions—ranging from personalized video SaaS options to customizable environments—Pirsonal caters seamlessly to diverse compliance needs.
  • Hosting Choices: Clients have the option to host videos on Pirsonal’s platform or within their infrastructure, ensuring data sovereignty and compliance adherence.
  • Solution Flexibility: Pirsonal’s solutions, including dynamic landing pages and embedded video players, provide tailored flexibility according to individual preferences.
  • Regional Compliance: By creating localized environments conforming to regional laws, Pirsonal ensures compliance at every level.

Why Choosing an ISO27001 Personalized Video Vendor

Pirsonal Achieves International Security Standard UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2017

Pirsonal Achieves International Security Standard UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2017

The ISO 27001 certification is a globally recognized standard for information security management systems. It is similar to SOC 2, which is more popular in North America.

Collaborating with personalized vendors who hold this certification ensures that they have established robust frameworks to identify, manage, and mitigate security risks related to information assets, including the sensitive data used in personalized videos.

This certification signifies a commitment to stringent security measures and adherence to best practices, instilling confidence in clients regarding data protection.

Partnering with ISO 27001-certified vendors demonstrates a commitment to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Given the increasing focus on data privacy laws globally, especially with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and others, businesses must prioritize working with vendors who prioritize and maintain compliance.

Compliance reduces the risk of legal consequences and ensures that data handling aligns with ethical standards, building trust among consumers.

Moreover, engaging with ISO 27001-certified vendors often translates to enhanced operational efficiency.

These vendors typically have well-defined processes and protocols for managing information security risks.

This structured approach minimizes vulnerabilities, reduces the likelihood of data breaches, and ensures continuity in service provision, thereby contributing to smoother operations for businesses.

In summary, partnering with an ISO 27001-certified personalized video vendor like Pirsonal offers a multitude of advantages, including robust information security, compliance assurance, operational efficiency, strategic differentiation, and a commitment to ongoing improvement.

Recommended Measures for Secure Personalized Video Creation

Pirsonal’s commitment to ISO 27001 standards underscores a robust information security management system.

The platform’s technical overview guarantees flexible integration, scalable solutions, and comprehensive data security.

Let’s summarize some of these measures.

Advanced Security Measures:

  1. Infrastructure Control: Pirsonal’s ownership of software, technical infrastructure, and certification ensures control and scalability, meeting diverse client needs.
  2. Data Handling: Temporary storage of multimedia files during data-driven video creation and automatic deletion post-generation safeguards data integrity.
  3. Dedicated Platforms: Offering dedicated clusters for specific compliance needs, Pirsonal ensures a clean slate post-project completion.
  4. Automatic Log Deletion: Logs are automatically deleted minutes after a data-driven video is successfully created. Enterprise customers can request custom setups in exclusive environments.
  5. Anonymized Files: Pirsonal automatically anonymizes all media files managed by the platform.
  6. Multi-Account Functionality: Catering to enterprise customers, agencies, or teams, Pirsonal allows multiple autonomous accounts under a single contract, adding another layer of data protection.
  7. One-Time-Passcode (OTP): OTPs enhance the security of Pirsonal accounts by providing additional protection alongside email and password authentication. These codes are generated automatically and are accessible for a limited duration, significantly reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access.
  8. GDPR Compliance and Global Presence: As an EU-based company, Pirsonal diligently adheres to GDPR compliance while serving a global clientele across diverse industries, including Education, Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Travel and Hospitality.
  9. ISO 27001 Certification and Audits: Annual audits, conducted by third-party consulting firms, reaffirm Pirsonal’s commitment to ISO 27001 standards, ensuring top-notch security and compliance.
  10. Data Encryption and Secure Protocols: Rigorous encryption protocols cover all data transmitted to Pirsonal, while SSL certificates are mandatory for multimedia files, ensuring secure rendering and protecting sensitive information within anonymized URLs.
  11. Continuous Security Measures: Pirsonal’s robust protocols, including automatic log deletion, file anonymization, and OTP-enhanced account security, showcase our unwavering dedication to maintaining top-tier security standards.
  12. Infrastructure Control and Customer Flexibility: Owning software and technical infrastructure empowers Pirsonal to offer exclusive platforms, dedicated clusters, and a suite of solutions that seamlessly adapt to diverse compliance needs.


Prioritizing data protection, compliance, and aligning with ISO 27001 standards, Pirsonal emerges as the catalyst for secure personalized video marketing.

This reassurance emboldens organizations to confidently advocate for Pirsonal within their organizations, fostering seamless dialogues with legal and compliance teams, thereby ensuring trust and compliance at every level.

To start your compliant personalized video creation journey, contact us today.

We will understand your goals, requirements, and concerns. Then we will give you the information your organization needs to improve audience engagement with secure personalized video creation at scale.

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