6 Steps for Successful Personalized Videos In Marketing [Infographic]

If you are thinking about ways to boost engagement, chances are you’ve stumbled upon the idea of using personalized videos in marketing.

Personalized videos are about 116% more effective than generic videos, and 78% of marketers say they sell more with generic videos.

However, creating videos is the easy part.

With the right video personalization software, your marketing team can create videos for customers at scale, for instance, with their names.

If your goal is boosting customer engagement with personalized videos, you need customers to watch and interact with the video.

Surprisingly, this starts way before the viewer hits the play button.

Otherwise, you’ll create videos no one will watch, even if you personalized them automatically and make them interactive.

Therefore, from the beginning, every aspect of your personalized video campaign must point at these goals.

This is why we recommend a campaign optimization process. In the following video, I share the six steps you should follow to improve the performance of a personalized video campaign.

If you want your audience to watch their personalized interactive videos and take action, improve the conversion rates of every aspect related to the campaign in the following order:

  1. Set goals, KPIs, and metrics.
  2. Choose the marketing channel that aligns with the audiences and your resources.
  3. Create and improve the content of emails and calls-to-action (CTA) for a higher open and click-through rate.
  4. Create and improve dynamic landing pages for the videos to help viewers play the video without getting distracted.
  5. Add and improve interactivity with personalization and CTA buttons.
  6. Create and improve the content of personalized videos so that they engage with viewers and move them to act.

In the following infographic, you’ll discover the 6 essential steps for achieving success with personalized videos in marketing to skyrocket engagement.


Infographic showing the steps to improve the conversion rates and performance of personalized video marketing campaigns

Follow these steps to improve the conversion rate of your personalized video marketing campaign

Want to download this infographic in PDF? Feel free to share with your teammates or agency.


If you’re looking to enhance engagement with your marketing efforts by incorporating personalized videos, or if you’ve already begun and want to maximize your campaign’s conversion rates, we should definitely have a conversation.

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