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Level up engagement with data-driven videos—your way

Por fin, the only flexible personalized video software that adapts to the unique way your brand communicates so that customers engage and your team succeeds—self-service or with our help.

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Hands-on help

flexible platform

Fast video automation

“Amazing service, incredible end result” for busy teams like yours


"Grandes posibilidades de personalización"


“líderes en el espacio”


"Equipo increíble, excelente servicio"

This image shows some of Pirsonal's clients and their logos including BMW, Mitsubishi, Weichert, Orientbell, Mini, Accenture, among others.

The stakes have never been higher for customer engagement

Customers hate it

76% of customers hate one-fits-all experiences (Mckinsey)

You struggle

Most teams find personalized video marketing overwhelming

They won't help

Other video personalization platforms are too limited or too much

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But there is a better way

Historias de clientes

Learn how other marketers improve marketing engagement, stand out from the competition, and automate data-driven video creation with Pirsonal’s flexible tools and expert help—on their terms.

Take control of customer engagement

Customers don’t pay attention to irrelevant, one-fits-all messages. So they are apathetic. With Pirsonal, your team can create and manage personalized video programs with ease so that customers engage.

Cut the noise with hyper-personalization

Make any communication more effective with data-driven videos powered by dynamic text, images, voice-overs, video clips, and more.

Help "Denis" take action—right away

Improve brand awareness with personalized landing pages. Instantly add data-driven interactions to the videos, so customers take action.

Anyone in your team can do it

Get a custom template and easily connect your CRM, spreadsheets, favorite tool, APIs, or just about anything to Pirsonal.

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This image shows the logos of some of Pirsonal's clients including Weichert, BMW, Mitsubishi, and Zumba.

Case study: eDreams

2X click-through rates with data-driven videos

eDreams, the European online travel leader, needed to improve customer onboarding and email CTR in the French market. But they didn’t have experience with data-driven videos.

So they partnered with Pirsonal to guide them and provide a solution that fits their workflow. As a result, they emailed personalized videos to new customers, delivering a superior experience that led them to 2X CTR and more sales.

Speed up video creation

Finally, your team can automatically edit thousands of videos without lifting a finger, hiring extra After Effects (AE) editors, or having specialized hardware all over the place.

Scale video creation, not the headcount

Pro video editing is tedious. Let’s not even talk about rendering a large number of videos fast. Save time and resources with Pirsonal’s cloud-based automatic video editing software.

Remove video editing friction

With Pirsonal, AE it’s a nice-to-have but not a must-have. With custom templates and online video automation workflows, your team doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Use any digital data source

Your team should be able to use any type of content and data source to edit videos automatically online. With Pirsonal, you can.

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Case study: Zumba

600,000 minutes of video rendered in less than a week

Rendering 20 minutes of full HD video content could take 5 hours. Now imagine if you need 600,000 minutes worth of video content rendered in less than a week.

Thanks to Pirsonal’s responsive service and advanced cloud video editing technology, Zumba was able to make it happen.

Convert viewers into customers

Even when most brands make videos to boost engagement, most videos fail to make viewers take action fast. Now you can make videos truly engaging, interactive, and clickable with personalized calls-to-action (CTAs), buttons, and interactions—at scale.

Make passive viewers take action

Quickly move viewers from passive to active with timely clickable CTA buttons and interactions with dynamic content.

Personalize calls-to-action—at scale

Automatically personalize in-video CTAs and web forms to increase video engagement and conversions like never before.

Know if "Jennifer" clicked on that CTA

Easily track video engagement, views, click-through rates, and more to identify success metrics and achieve greater value.

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Case study: Healthcare leader

Video interactivo con opciones para elegir la ruta del espectadorVídeo interactivo con campos de personalización

78% viewer engagement with personalized interactive videos

Helping customers understand complex information is hard. The challenge is even greater when this implies getting paid.

This is why this healthcare organization embraced interactive videos to help patients understand their next step. Thanks to personalization and clickable CTA buttons, they achieved 78% engagement.

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Meet the platform

The flexibility your brand needs with the help your team loves.

Pirsonal is the only personalized video platform that adapts to your team’s expertise, audience size, and workflow so that you increase engagement with data-driven videos at scale. Self-service or with our help.

El mejor software de edición de video personalizado en este momento.

What we like most about the software and we give it a 10/10 is the support.

Val A., gerente principal de proyectos en una compañía de seguros conocida

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Other video personalization software is either “too heavy” or “too light”

We’ve learned over the last 6 years that most marketing teams and agencies need help, flexibility, and reliability when they first run a personalized video program. But, instead, this is what they get:

  • Either big volumes only or it can’t scale.
  • You need After Effects experts.
  • Fixed templates don’t fit your brand.
  • You can’t even access the platform.
  • Lack of professional services.
  • A disruption to implement for your team.

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Why Pirsonal

This image shows an automated personalized video with text and audio personalization for an individual customer named James. The video explains the customer's monthly contribution to a pension plan.

software de personalización de vídeo

DIY or with help—transform engagement with personalized videos

Gain customer trust, build brand awareness, and deliver a superior experience without losing the flexibility, quality, and speed your team loves.

With Pirsonal, you automáticamente make hyper-personalized video messages for any number of customers. You decide how and when.

This is how Pirsonal helps your team succeed:

  • Get optional help based on your needs.
  • Scale from day one—no more manual processes.
  • Comply with Data Security, IT, and Legal requirements.

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The image shows how Pirsonal's video tool to create dynamic video templates works.

Easy Template editor

Keep every video on-brand—automatically

Keep your personalized videos on brand with custom templates anyone in your team can create and modify.

With Pirsonal, using After Effects is an option, not a requirement. Plus, you get help from our service team to launch faster.

Este es el proceso para crear plantillas de video:

  • Use your favorite tool to design the video.
  • Create a template with a few clicks from any browser.
  • Or enjoy done-for-you services.

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Video interactivo con opciones para elegir la ruta del espectadorVídeo interactivo con campos de personalización

Software para video interactivo personalizado

Help “Jennifer” take action with data-driven interactions

Increase conversions by 200% with data-driven interactions. With Pirsonal’s software for personalized interactive videos, you create them at scale for every customer.

Plus, with our free tools, you can easily display the videos wherever customers are.

Performance-oriented marketers love these features:

  • Data-driven video interactivity.
  • Video analytics and tracking.
  • API and integrations.

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Página de destino dinámica

Páginas de inicio de video dinámicas

Maximize brand exposure without bothering IT

Dynamic video landing pages are your first point of true connection with customers for a more engaging experience they can trust.

With Pirsonal, you automatically personalize a video landing page for every customer.

Brand managers, video marketers and agencies love these features:

  • No design is required.
  • Avoid the IT bottleneck.
  • Secure with anonymized URLs.

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This image explains the concept of automatic video editing and rendering with specialized cloud video editing software Pirsonal

Automatic video editing software

In seconds—not hours

Streamline your video creation process with real-time automation and fast cloud video rendering to quickly deliver videos with personalization to your audience.

  • Faster cloud rendering.
  • Real video automation.
  • Professional video effects.

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Integrations & API

Integrate with the tools you know and love

With Pirsonal, you easily personalize the customer journey and enrich your marketing automation with data-driven videos—your way.

Upload an XLS, connect your favorite marketing tool, or use API de Pirsonal to smoothly personalize videos on the fly.

Create and send effective personalized videos on your terms:

  • Use XLS, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.
  • Create videos in batches or on the fly.
  • Send videos by email or any channel.

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Pirsonal Intelligence: reproductor de video interactivo para videos personalizados

Easy video marketing analytics

Know what works—and what doesn’t

Obtener easy-to-understand analytics and strategic advice from our team not only to WOW your audience but to achieve higher conversion rates faster.

  • Seguimiento del comportamiento individual sin cookies.
  • Anonymize customer data.
  • Access video tracking via API.

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Nos tomamos en serio su éxito

Decidimos trabajar con Pirsonal por su interacción personal. Obtuviste respuestas de inmediato.

Esteban Federico,
Director de Servicios Creativos en Weichert Companies

This image shows some of Pirsonal's clients and their logos including BMW, Mitsubishi, Weichert, Orientbell, Mini, Accenture, among others.

“The team made it SO easy and were super accommodating with timing, adjustments, and very communicative.”

Ginny L
Lead Account Manager at MediumGiant 

Servicios profesionales

“What if we have a tight deadline or no bandwidth?”

Get peace of mind with our optional Professional Services. We walk with you to help you succeed.

This is what you get with our Professional Services:

  • Achieve your goals faster with expert advice.
  • Ahorra tiempo con plantillas de video de marca.
  • Get faster time-to-value with administración de campaña.
  • Mejore las conversiones con comentarios oportunos.
  • Optimice el compromiso con flujos de trabajo de automatización.
  • Hágalo suyo con integraciones de API de video personalizadas.

Caminaremos contigo.

A personalized and automated video platform that plays well with legal, security and compliance requirements.

Security and Compliance

Keep everyone happy (and safe)

Protecting customer data is critical to the success of your project. With Pirsonal, you keep it safe and compliant.

Data Security, IT, and Legal teams love these features:

  • Private cloud for video rendering and databases.
  • Enterprise-ready video hosting (Azure, Amazon S3, and more).
  • Instant media file and data deletion.
  • Anonymized video and landing page URLs.
  • Branded subdomain and CNAME.
  • Custom Service Level Agreement.
  • Multi-accounts with unified billing.

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The process

Your plan for improving engagement with data-driven video

  1. Talk with a Pirsonal expert and get prompt feedback.
  2. Obtener help from our service team where/when you need it.
  3. Increase customer engagement with data-driven videos.

Self-service or with our help

A solution that adapts to your team’s workflow

With Pirsonal, you get a self-service, flexible solution anyone in your team can manage, backed up with built-in and optional Professional Services to help you succeed.

For marketers

Manage bulk campaigns or connect Pirsonal to thousands of marketing tools. Get easy-to-understand analytics.

For creative teams

Import your media assets to create templates from any browser with Pirsonal Editor or rely on our team to go faster.

For developers

Build programmable video templates in JSON and create full video automation workflows with Pirsonal’s API.

Pirsonal videos are easy to prepare and process. APIs integrations are smooth and quick. If you are stuck with some technical issues, the customer support team is always fast responsive.

Gasper B,
Online Sales Development Manager at Insurance brand

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Preguntas frecuentes

What's a personalized video?

A personalized video is a video that is created specifically for an individual viewer, like a lead or a customer. It can be automatically tailored to include the viewer’s name, company logo, favorite things, or anything else that would make the video more personal.

This personal touchpoint with video helps brands deliver a superior customer experience. With Pirsonal’s video personalization software, you can make personalized videos automatically. Pirsonal specializes in helping busy marketing teams, agencies and developer succeed with video personalization programs.

Through a joint approach between simpler, flexible, and scalable software and responsive Professional Services, we help first-timers to successfully launch video personalization campaigns that help their saturated audience take action.

What's personalized video marketing?

El video marketing personalizado es similar to other popular forms of personalization strategies in marketing, like sending personalized emails. But, with personalized video marketing, the output the prospect, lead or customer sees is a data-driven video.

This video has dynamic placeholders, which makes it highly relevant and more effective. With the Pirsonal platform, you can automatically make personalized videos for customers and leads using data from a CRM, marketing tool, or database.

Three personalized video marketing examples:

  1. Customers can see a tailored video that explains their invoices in a more engaging way calling them by their name and showing their own details through text, images, video clips, and more. As a result, customer churn decreases, at a time that the experience improves dramatically.
  2. Online marketers can use automated personalized videos to accelerate sales by improving lead engagement. For instance, when leads submit a lead magnet, a personalized video can be made for them.
  3. Brand and event marketers can increase campaign effectiveness when they personalize videos to invite an audience to attend an event. With in-video call-to-action buttons and personalized content, they accelerate event registration.

Can I make personalized videos at scale?

Yes. Making personalized videos at scale is possible with a specialized personalized video maker like Pirsonal that makes the videos automatically, no matter the volume.

How do I send personalized videos by email?

First, create personalized videos in bulk or on the fly as part of a marketing automation workflow with specialized personalization software like Pirsonal.

Then, there are mainly three ways to send personalized videos by email depending on your KPIs and conversion goals. Keep in mind that you can connect Pirsonal to virtually any email marketing tool.

#1 Adding a unique link to the email. Similar to the common “First Name” personalization tag used in one-to-one email marketing, you can also use a custom tag for the personalized video URL. Many email marketing tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce support this.

All you’ll need to do is to upload a CSV with the email addresses and personalized video URLs to your preferred email marketing tool. You can also connect Pirsonal to most marketing tools through integrations and webhooks.

This is the most common option. It’s highly recommended for two reasons.

First, conversion rates are higher when viewers focus their attention on a landing page, which you can automatically create and personalize with Pirsonal Pages. Second, with Pirsonal’s interactive video player, you access easy-to-understand video analytics to track success and send remarketing campaigns to contacts that haven’t seen the video.

#2 Playing the video in the email. Thanks to HTML, some email clients support in-email video or show a playback animated GIF when the video can’t be played in the email.

Sometimes you can personalize the video thumbnail or personalize the text in the HTML as well. We prefer the latter because the contact will always see the HTML text, while an image requires an extra click to show the images in the email client.

We only recommend this option for branding video campaigns, when the contact doesn’t have to take any specific action.

All you need to play videos in email is a simple HTML code, as well as the video links provided by the personalization software, and the image link.

#3 Sending videos as an attachment. We don’t recommend this option because these types of emails are seen as SPAM, you can’t track video analytics, and the emails get bigger.

However, since Pirsonal’s video maker creates individual video files, you can easily access the raw URLs and attach the videos to your email messages.

With Pirsonal, you can choose what works best for you. Also, Pirsonal supports webhooks, built-in integrations with marketing tools, and an API, so you can easily accommodate what works best for you.

One more big plus. We’ll share our recommendations and steps based on your requirements and goals to help you succeed.

Does Pirsonal provide a personalized video API

Yes. With Pirsonal’s API de video personalizado you can easily create and manage real downloadable personalized video messages, dynamic video landing pages, and interactive videos at scale with one simple API method.

Pirsonal’s API documentation offers code samples in PHP, NodeJS, Java, Python, and Ruby. This helps most developers create custom video integrations in less than a week.

Most developers use the following API methods to make personalized videos at scale:

  • Template_Video_New: Creates personalized videos from a template, dynamic video landing pages, and interactive videos with personalized calls-to-action.
  • Video_Get: Helps you securely retrieve video data.

Since Pirsonal supports secure webhooks, you can easily notify a third-party application in real-time when a personalized video message is ready.

Also, through Pirsonal Script, users can create programmable video templates.

What's the best personalized video software? Why?

Pirsonal is one of the best personalized video software and platforms on the market! There are some competitors like Idomoo, Vidyard, Hippo Video, and Rocketium. However, most of them aren’t as simple, flexible, scalable, and easy to integrate as Pirsonal’s cost-effective SaaS.

Based on customers’ reviewsmost Pirsonal’s customers value the responsive customer support and Professional Services Pirsonal offers. They also value that they have the option to fully access and manage the personalization software, even when they have no experience with automatic video creation.

All this is especially important for brands with little time to launch tailored video campaigns and those with no experience. It allows them to speed up the process and reduce execution costs.

Pirsonal’s all-in-one video personalization software and specialized services are, then, a good fit for busy marketing teams, agencies and developers that need to improve the customer experience and engagement with personalized video campaigns for customers, dynamic video landing pages, and interactive videos.

Pirsonal simplifies video personalization with tools anyone in your team can use, like a drag-and-drop free video template editor.

On top of that, Pirsonal renders real downloadable personalized videos and also HTML5 dynamic videos, which gives organizations better and cost-effective ways to engage with leads and customers with video across the customer journey.

Does Pirsonal offer an enterprise-ready video personalization solution?

Yes. Pirsonal’s Enterprise personalized video solution offers the following options:

  • Custom volumes.
  • Custom video render speed.
  • Custom security and compliance setup.
  • Custom datacenter region (USA, Europe, and more).
  • Custom databases management.
  • Custom dedicated render servers.
  • Custom video and assets hosting configuration.

To learn more about Pirsonal’s Enterprise solutions, please contact us now. A personalized video solution expert will evaluate your needs and provide the information you need.

Is Pirsonal an alternative to Idomoo, Vidyard, Impossible Software, and Hyperise?

Yes. There are alternatives in the market to Pirsonal like Idomoo, Hyperise, Impossible Software, or Vidyard.

Most personalized video companies either only take enterprise clients with HUGE volumes, aren’t robust enough to meet your IT requirements, don’t offer self-service tools, or don’t offer the expert help most marketers and agencies need to succeed when launching a personalized video project or campaign for the first time.

According to our clients, Pirsonal is more flexible, scalable, and robust—no matter the size of your audience. With Pirsonal’s all-in-one scalable video creation software and responsive service, you boost customer engagement with personalized interactive videos and speed up video creation with automatic video editing—with all the help your team needs to succeed.

Let the platform adapt to your needs. Not the other way around

Pirsonal is the only personalized video platform that adapts to your team’s expertise, audience size, and workflow. Plus, we walk with you to help you succeed.

What you get when you work with Pirsonal:

  • White glove onboarding and expert help.
  • Tools anyone can use.
  • Fast personalized video creation.
  • Reliable API.
  • Personalized landing pages.
  • Interactive video player.
  • Easy analytics.
  • Programmable templates.
  • Secure and robust infrastructure.
  • Y más.

Let’s transform customer engagement with video—your way

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

This image shows the logos of some of Pirsonal's clients including Orientbell, Mitsubishi, Weichert, BMW, Opodo, Accenture, Unicef and Mini.

Join other marketing teams and agencies that boost engagement with data-driven videos with Pirsonal—their way


"Grandes posibilidades de personalización"


“líderes en el espacio”


"Equipo increíble, excelente servicio"

This image shows some of Pirsonal's clients and their logos including BMW, Mitsubishi, Weichert, Orientbell, Mini, Accenture, among others.