Software de video marketing personalizado
To Make Your Audience React

Engage with your unique audience, one at a time, with a flexible, cost-effective personalized video platform that adapts to your needs.


Integrate with any data source

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To Get Your Customers’ Attention, You Need To Talk To Them Individually

But there’s a problem…

  • Your competitors are crushing it
  • You’ve heard personalized videos are costly
  • Your customers don’t understand your messages
  • Your 1:1 messages fail to WOW
  • You aren’t a marketing automation ninja
  • You don’t have tons of creative or technical resources

Una herramienta de marketing con vídeos personalizados

¿Qué es Pirsonal?

We understand how it feels. You know that video works, that personalized marketing, and marketing automation are the way to go. We know that personalized videos are 116% more effective than generic videos.
Imagine a self-service personalized video marketing software that made it easy, flexible, and cost-effective.
Pirsonal takes personalized videos to the next level, powered by marketing individualization. A flexible software and a platform built to connect with your customers. Say “Hello” to sales acceleration and compromiso con el cliente.
Josías De La Espada, CEO de Pirsonal.


Pensamos en tu éxito

Unique Customer Experience

Zumba does personalized video marketing powered by Pirsonal to help instructors engage with localized audiences in 7 languages.

Más ventas

Flight Centre achieves higher closing rates by using Pirsonal’s Personalized Video Marketing Platform within marketing automation workflows.

Incrementa el beneficio por cliente

Opodo creates timely personalized videos to encourage customers to buy more and increase loyalty and brand awareness before flight departure.

Why Pirsonal?

A flexible personalized video marketing software for modern customer engagement

Pirsonal is a personalized video marketing software for everyone

A platform for any team member

A robust personalized video marketing software

A consistent experience for marketing automation and campaigns

Scalable personalized video marketing with Pirsonal

A service that scales and grows as you need


Software de video marketing personalizado

Video Editing Software To Create Personalized Video Templates

Pirsonal Editor

Create your own templates in a blink

Pirsonal Editor is a flexible, drag&drop, browser-based video editing software that helps you create dynamic templates for your personalized videos in no-time. Regardless of your skills, this is your tool.

Pirsonal Campaigns and Integrations

Conectado a tus herramientas de marketing

Start with a CSV or automatically create an vídeos personalizados for every lead you capture on your landing page with Hubspot or Unbounce. Send the video by email with Salesforce or Mailchimp, or even by SMS with Twilio or Beepsend. No matter what personalized marketing software you use, we´ve got your back with more than 2000 integrations and counting.

Videos personalizados Integraciones con Pirsonal.
Análisis de rendimiento de video personalizado

Pirsonal Player

Interactuar personalmente con cada individuo

Pirsonal Player lo ayuda a interactuar con cada individuo de manera personal, en cualquier pantalla, para ayudarlo a obtener mayores conversiones de interacción. El reproductor de video individualizado HTML5 de Pirsonal ofrece llamadas a la acción personalizadas para cada cliente potencial o cliente específico, de forma automática. El reproductor de video de Pirsonal también puede integrarse en cualquier sitio web.

Pirsonal Pages

Capta instantáneamente la atención de tu cliente

Pirsonal crea automáticamente una página de destino personalizada para cada cliente potencial. Cree una experiencia aún más atractiva para cada individuo al incorporar también cualquier herramienta de terceros en la página de inicio de video individualizada: desde formularios web a chats en vivo.

Página de inicio de video personalizada por Pirsonal
Video Analytics personalizado

Pirsonal Intelligence

Track individual engagement and reactions

Haga un seguimiento no solo de las vistas, sino también de las relaciones de participación con Pirsonal Analytics y Google Analytics. Conozca el comportamiento específico de sus clientes cuando vean cada video personalizado y creen disparadores en función de su reacción.

Pirsonal API

Tailored to any marketing automation workflow

Create fully personalized video automation workflows through the Pirsonal API. Create videos, update information on personalized landing pages, as well as personalized calls-to-action in real-time with a simple method. Get information about analytics and, in short, take total control to create campaigns completely tailored to your needs.

Personalized video API and Script by Pirsonal
Personalized Video Marketing With Templates Created With Pirsonal Editor

Pirsonal Script

Gain full flexibility

If you are a developer, create personalized video templates on the fly thanks to Pirsonal’s documented, JSON-based scripting language: Pirsonal Script.

Create a Personalized Video Now

Enter your name to automatically create a personalized video, landing page and call to action.

Self-service or done for you

Your plan for boosting customer engagement starts with personalized videos

Personalized video templates

Use a template

Start with an existing personalized video template or create your own with Pirsonal Editor or Pirsonal Script

Personalized Video API by Pirsonal

Connect your data source

Create personalized videos automatically from a CSV, any of our +2,000 integrations (Zapier), or our API

Send personalized videos automatically with Pirsonal

Wow your customers

Connect Pirsonal to your favorite marketing automation software to send personalized videos automatically.

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