A little help for NGOs in Spain

Covid-19 is destroying thousands of lives worldwide. In addition to the health impact, we are talking about an emotional, psychological and financial crisis for millions of people. Not fun.

In case you did not know, Pirsonal is a Spanish company. In Spain, more than a thousand people have already died and there are more than 20,000 infected with the coronavirus.

Thank God, our team works from home and we are all doing well. I’ve worked remotely for about 6 years. At Pirsonal we have never had a commercial office. And we are distributed in various geographical areas, also outside of Spain.

A few days ago, Hageo, a business development teammate, shared an idea and concern he had in his heart: He wanted to create a generosity wheel. This guy has a huge heart.

With this in mind, we launched “NGO Help” (Ayuda para ONG). It is an initiative aimed at this phase at Spanish NGOs that have the need to share a clear, hopeful and personalized message with their supporters and collaborators at a critical moment for many families, entrepreneurs, and companies.

What does it consist of? We are basically giving our plataforma personalizada de video marketing free of charge to any NGO. The goal is that each NGO that wants to can create up to 10,000 personalized videos that they can share with their supporters and partners.

We know that personalization and contextualization help organizations of any kind to be relevant. To share a message that reaches minds and hearts. I believe that NGOs are also going through challenging times.

It is a small contribution in the middle of something that is much bigger than us. We hope that we all come out reinforced from this traumatic situation for so many people, with God’s help.

We hope that these organizations can share a message of hope, unity, and strength, valuing what really matters and improving our relationships with each other.


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