A Video Automation Software: Using Personalization To Connect With Customers

More often marketers have the need for a video automation software. Here is why… The digital world is being taken over by video, with online videos making up as much as 70% of all internet traffic. Video traffic is ever-growing and savvy businesses are increasingly tapping into the great potential that video marketing offers in reaching out to audiences, capturing their interest, and ultimately growing revenue. Historically, the video has been known to enhance web traffic by 41%, improve email click-through by 200% to 300% and accelerate revenue growth by up to 49% faster. Video, needless to say, is marketing gold.

Bringing together video marketing and marketing automation creates even more unprecedented opportunities for ROI growth. For example, as personalized video offers the ability to capture attention like never before, marketing automation converts such attention into revenue and value by dynamically following up on leads and customers. This is the one-two punch approach to video marketing strategy that businesses need in order to secure engagement and drive revenue easier and faster than ever.

Personalized Video App for Marketing

If you are thinking about adding personalized video marketing to your arsenal, make sure to download this free personalized videos strategy checklist. These are the 10 most important things you need to do to succeed with this kind of personalized multimedia marketing.

A video automation softwareΒ or program can be a powerful tool that will help you connect with multiple customers and leads in a personalized manner, all the while giving you a massive reach. Video marketing automation software tools and programs are useful in executing important tasks such as:

  • Collecting, storing, and classifying/organizing contact details and related information of customers and leads

  • Sending out personalized emails based on specific criteria you have set

  • Building and managing video marketing and other related marketing campaigns

  • Recording and analyzing customer actions, purchases, conversations, and behaviors

  • Reporting on engagement, performance, and revenue

Video marketing and marketing automation, combined form a marketing powerhouse that will help you effectively capture more leads, deepen engagement, nurture your existing leads, qualifying leads for their sales-readiness, upsell to customers, generate referrals and groom brand ambassadors and advocates, and ensure a personalized approach to marketing, that will help you achieve all these things and more.

Free 8 minutes trainingPersonalized Video Marketing Automation Workflow

Learn how to create personalized marketing automations with video with this 8 minutes training. Apply these concepts to any personalized marketing initiative to improve conversions and customer experience.

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